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" skončí léto, zase začne škola."

Translation:When summer is over, school will start again.

December 13, 2017



When the summer will finish...same thing? No?


no. first of all you don't say "summer finishes" but "summer ends" (the former would expect an object what is finished by the sumer). And for the tense: in English you usually use present tense in the subordinate temporal or conditional sentence, and future only in the main sentence.


Yeah, it should be "When summer is over, school will start again." My source? I'm a native UK English speaker.


The options to report this do not include "The English translation is incorrect."


"When summer is over, school will start again" is accepted. Since we don't have a report for it, we can only speculate that, if your answer was rejected, you may have run into the Duo grading bug.

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