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No more slow French?

I haven't had any slow audio for French for weeks now, although I still get slow audio in other languages I'm learning.

Has the audio been removed? Is it just me? Am I now so good at French that I don't need slow audio?

December 13, 2017



CJ, I cannot believe that this is true!!! I was doing the reverse tree and had to come see if the same was true for me. It seems to be. I am not able to find an option for slow speech. This is unbelievable!!! People were still having difficulty understanding slow speech. You know this is true because I have seen you in the sentence discussions. What is Duo doing? Why reinvent the wheel? frustration


I still have it in French but I have read about others not having it (especially on the English from French forum. An A/B test maybe?


The slow speed just worked for me in both Eng-Fr and Fr- Eng.


I'm having the same issue with French. the turtle mode seems to have ceased working


Are you still on Android, CJ?


Same here. The button exists but there's no audio. I tried updating the app, but still nothing.

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