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  5. "이 원피스는 잘 맞지 않아요."

" 원피스는 맞지 않아요."

Translation:This dress does not fit well.

December 13, 2017



Fit or does not fit. If there is fit well, there must be fit bad too !!! Very strange.


We say something fits well, or fits poorly. It's not that unusual a construction in English.


I guess a lot of people would say that it fits bad. A lot of people would be grammatically incorrect for speaking like such.


True, but just add -ly and it's grammatically correct. "It fits badly." Although, interestingly, "badly" as a post-verb adverb tends to denote, not the opposite of "well," but the strength or measure of something that is already understood to be bad. We would say, for example, "It hurts badly." "Badly" here just means "a lot, and therefore bad." "It fits badly" is grammatically correct, but doesn't seem to make sense semantically--why is it bad that it fits?

But I agree with KarenKaise2, "poorly" is the proper word to use (to mean opposite of "well"). It's strange, but true.

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