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  5. "But I was here before you!"

"But I was here before you!"

Translation:Já jsem tady ale byla před vámi!

December 13, 2017



Why does Duolingo keep rejecting my answer when I don't use "já"? A native Czech speaker tells me that translating it without the "já" should be acceptable, since the English here is not necessarily trying to emphasize the "I" word.


You would need to switch the position of certain words according to the 'second position rule', simply dropping 'já' is not enough.


Are there any rules or hints about the positions "ale" and "tady" can take in a sentence? Neither "Já jsem tady byla ale před vámi!" nor "Já jsem byla tady ale před vámi!" was accepted, but I'm not sure why.


Both are acceptable. And now accepted.


ale jsem byl tady před tebou - what is wrong here?


Jsem must be in the second position. Ale does not count.


So, in addition to the Second Position rule, we also have to know which words qualify to occupy the first position. Is there a list of the words that don't count (like ale here)?


Please see the Tips and notes where clitics where introduced, nueby's https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920/Ordering-the-Czech-clitics-Introduction-2019-04-18 and Wikipedia on Czech word order.

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