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"The magpie knows how to solve this puzzle."

Translation:까치가 이 퍼즐을 어떻게 푸는지를 알아요.

December 13, 2017



까치가 어떻게 이 퍼즐을 푸는지를 알아요 should be accepted.


No it's not right in Korea. It means "I know how Magpie solve this puzzle.", and if it's "까치가 어떻게~알아요?" it means "Do you know how Magpie solve this puzzle?"


Duolingo accepts it though


My take is:

Because this is a non-topic marked sentence, word order should take priority (cf. the case of ~이 있다 vs ~에 있다).

Elements in the sentence should be placed by order of importance outwards from the "head of sentence", i.e. the verb.

So instead of the default ST-O-V order, in non topic marked sentence, the order should be O-S-V.

In this case,

O: 이 퍼즐을 어떻게 푸는지를;
S: 까치; V: 알라요


Does magpie know how to solve this puzzle = 이 퍼즐을 어떻게 푸는지를 까치가 알아요?

Would appreciate greatly any feedback on this grammatical point.


푸는지 = knows 알아요 = solve



You have them backwards^^

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