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Help test Duolingo's new Spanish course!

We have been working on a new and improved Spanish course for English speakers and it's almost ready for testing :)

Does this sound like something you're interested in? You can help!

We're seeking Spanish learners of all levels, from novice to advanced, to play with the new content and share feedback. Testers receive early access to the new course and the chance to help us improve it.

Sign up here to become a Duolingo Alpha Tester!

December 14, 2017



Applied! Awesome!

How different will the new course be from the current one?


I would expect they will ask alpha testers to keep quiet about the differences until beta.

If I was going to guess, they have already tried integrating Bots on iOS, so they might be integrating Stories. Possibly.

They were recruiting an animator a while back, so they might be dong something in that area, but you would expect something related to that to appear in Labs first.


You are right. Seeing this screenshot of the application process:


Ooh! That has piqued my curiosity!


Meh, they say that on every Alpha-test application thing.


@HelpfulDuo: unlike Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, this will be a course that many are already taking. In that case, will the tested tree be integrated into the existing one, replacing it, introduced as an independent tree, or tested on separate accounts (or without registration) to avoid any clash between the two?


Most likely you'll be able to choose whether to use your existing account or create a new account for the purposes of testing.

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Go to the top of this post, and click where it says "Sign up here"


Hello there: Out of mere curiosity, when will the new beta course will be rolled out to those who signed up, respectfully?

[deactivated user]

    How are you supposed to tell if you've been chosen as an Alpha Tester when you sign up?


    You'll get an email. You'd better have used a real one! :)

    [deactivated user]

      I'm pretty sure I did, knowing I have a few emails I may have not, but I'm 99% sure I did in December 2017 and I haven't received an email, do they take a while to come through, or has the course just not been open to beta test yet (or the other unfortunate possibility is I have not been chosen for some reason, which I wouldn't know why).


      I applied as well a few weeks ago, but haven't heard anything.


      It's so funny how everbody is complaining about how bad this FREE language learning platform is. Like, I don't get it. If you want something that has almost zero mistakes, how about buying a programm? I, for one, think Duolingo is great. Yes, it does have some flaws but you know, it's created from human beings. We all have flaws ;) Be grateful for the opportunity to learn languages (Not to mention the range of languages they offer) MUCH LOVE


      How about you stop breaking existing features (slow audio, annoying duplication of simple sentences) in existing courses, before pouring effort into something new like this?

      It's painful for me to watch the state of DuoLingo these days...I have submitted dozens of bug reports, very few of them are ever fixed. New things break every week.

      Yet the official staff comes in here making posts like this about this new feature, that new partnership, this new thing in the "labs" section. Stop trying to expand or make big package changes, focus on actually fixing the numerous problems with the courses you have. Focus on following up on past updates. You did a major overhaul to the forums, but you still haven't fixed the numerous problems it introduced. You launched Chinese and Japanese, but still haven't fixed very basic / fundamental bugs or glitches in those courses like mispronunciation of certain characters. You launched an update to the DuoLingo stories, but without fixing the fact that it still doesn't work on Chrome on my system and without fixing the annoying echoey slow audio. You introduced a male voice and it broke the slow audio in every language for which it was introduced. Virtually everything new you've done, has been buggy and many have been breaking or hurting existing features.

      Once you're caught up on basically maintaining the site as-is, then, only then, it makes sense to think about expansion.

      That's just my two cents...feel free to ignore me. But please note, I had been a paid subscriber for 2 months and I recently cancelled, because I don't like the direction the site has been going in recently. I suspect I am not the only one who feels this way.

      I suspect that if you continue down this road, you are going to fail big time. Then you can go down in fame as the people who took a beautiful company with a beautiful product and ruined it. Who wants that? No one. Certainly not the millions of users who use and benefit from this site daily.


      this is literally the #1 change I've wanted them to make to something existing (updating and expanding what is currently the most popular course for english speakers on the website), and there's still someone complaining about it. the chinese course is quite good (I receive "we now accept your translation" emails on a daily basis) and I can't speak to the other new features, which all run just fine for me.

      to me, duolingo is making the right changes. Czech, Chinese, and the updated Dutch, Welsh, German, and Norwegian courses introduced in 2017 have all been excellent. I'll give you Japanese, which was a big disappointment. otherwise...millions of users remain.


      I am in total agreement. If every company stopped progress in an effort to "perfect" all the existing processes, we would be living in a totally different world, missing hundreds of innovations we now treasure or take for granted. It we couldn't build a freeway before making sure all the potholes were filled on the county roads, what shape would our transportation system be in? Companies sometimes have to discontinue practices or services loved by their customers because they are no longer practical, and in fact, might threaten the company's survival. I, too, miss immersion, and our personal activity streams, but that is better than missing DL altogether. I also miss the milkman and housecalls by my doctor.


      I agree. I started learning English from Spanish in order to improve my Spanish and get a new perspective on things, but many words in the very first lessons had fatal mispronunciations. I reported these errors, but as far as I'm concerned, they have not been fixed since I reported them months ago.


      Really looking forward to this, have been waiting for a spanish tree update for a long time! :)


      I probably should have asked this before I signed up, but which email should we use? The one associated with our account here on Duolingo (which is what I assumed and used) or should it have been, say, the email we use for the App Store/Google Play store?


      Whenever I've tested anything, they've always asked me to use the email I've registered with my Duolingo account. :)


      I am pretty sure one should use the mail address associated with the Duolingo account. Would be very strange if someone would be forced to use a Google account. To my knowledge, Google has not yet taken over DL.


      I think what they're asking has to do with the same issue I've encountered before. I've alpha tested a couple of things, and you have to get an approved update. If I use one Gmail account as my main account for Google Play, and a different account for Duolingo, the invite comes to my Duolingo email, and when I try to download the new update, it says I'm not authorized. I believe there is a workaround for it, which is changing the sign-in account account from the drop-down menu on Google Play, but I'm not for sure, yet.


      Hmm so but what goes into testing? You just do exercises like in the normal Duolingo platform?


      Very very problably just a new tree (new content in the same course, different skills, different words, different sentences, but the exact same platform).


      Just a quick reminder here for folks who read and signed up, and for anyone who signed up without reading the agreement:

      Once they launch the alpha test, don't post screenshots or other details in the forums about anything you volunteer to alpha test. Staff will announce to alpha testers where they can submit feedback.

      This message is not an indication that the test group launches soon. I don't have that info. It's just because I signed up to alpha test and recalled that sometimes people forget and are removed from the alpha test group and banned from alpha testing in the future.


      can native speakers help? ¿podemos los hablantes nativos, ayudar?


      Sure, I'll try it. I love how Duolingo has gotten me to level 25 and 63 percent "fluency" in the past couple years. I just hope for a way to really bring my speaking skills up... Muchas gracias to Duelingo!


      wow 63% i have never broken 58% in Spanish. i thought that was the max haha


      I think 63% is the max. I finished the tree and it says I'm 63 percent fluent.


      I thought that you keep increasing up until 100% if you keep practicing the tree even after you completed it. I'm 65% fluent in German and I haven't even finished the tree yet (almost done though) because I review regularly. It also declines if you don't practice a language (i.e. I finished 4 other trees and I'm 3-12% fluent in those because I haven't reviewed them in years).


      No. Duolingo can't make you fluent. The highest I've seen someone get is 78%


      The percentages have to do with one's fluency with the Duolingo course, not wider world fluency. Duolingo courses currently hold material that, if learned, enable someone to fall within the A1-B1 CFER range. :)


      I am at 65% in Spanish - fyi At least you know now that it is possible to go higher. Hoping to push the limits more.


      I'm in. Que emocionante!


      Unfortunately only spotted this discussion now. Excited that we will have more Spanish content and wondering how this is going to work [?replacing old course ?side by side but all xp points go to one spanish score]. I hope I'm not too late to become an alpha tester. I just tried to sign up and got this message: Test Duolingo's new Spanish course! Your response has been recorded. Submit another response

      Not sure what is meant by "Submit another response". What's next? Wait for an email I guess?


      Has it made consideration for Castilian Spanish users ?


      Let's see what's new, I'm very curious about it. I joined to participate.


      Great :D i wait to be from the Alpha Tester, i am so really excited becasue my native language is the spanish :D


      How long will this signup be open for?

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      Hope I get accepted, my streak hit two years today :)


      When will we find out if we're chosen as testers?


      I applied and changed my mind. How to I revert to the old course?


      I signed up for alpha testing a couple of months ago. Today my gold Spanish tree has become only about 1/3 gold, mostly in the later lessons. The majority of lessons are showing as 0 sections complete. Is this due to me being switched to the new alpha testing course, or should I report a bug to Duolingo?


      Thanks for signing up everyone! If selected, you'll receive testing instructions in your email. We can't wait to hear what you think of the new content :D


      I received the email and look forward to trying this. I've already been in email contact about some difficulties accessing the new content, that will hopefully be resolved soon.



      I got the email, but not the new lessons. Could it be because there's an extra dot in my email address in my duolingo account, which I forgot to add to the alpha tester sign up form? (like "abcd@gmail.com" and "ab.cd@gmail.com")

      If that is the case, what should I do to get the lessons - remove the dot from my duolingo profile, or resubmit the alpha tester form with the extra dot in the email address? (God, I feel so stupid!)


      Unable to access the new content either through my existing account nor through a new account that I was asked to set up. Unfortunately, no-one from Duolingo is responding to queries about this any longer. Oh well ...


      Hi Knoxienne, I know this is really off topic but out of all the languages you have learned here, how many can you actively speak now?


      I wish duolingo would notify people when they get a comment on one of their comments, because I too would like to know the answer to this question. Knoxienne has learned MANY languages it looks! Impressive!! Inspiration!


      Hi Panda_Dani, if people click the green "Follow discussion" up at the top of this post, have a real email registered with their Duolingo account (and the Save button clicked after), and have Notifications turn on, they will get notified when people reply to their comments. :)


      Yes, however I absolutely hate that feature, because it always gives me dozens of e-mails from other people commenting on the topic, but not replying to my comment. :/ DuoLingo needs a feature to just get a notification for replies on your OWN comment.


      i use google mail, so i think i can put a label rule to put them in a folder away from other incoming. Hoping that works. Still not ideal. Maybe make another rule for keywords like “Alpha testing begins. or starts”


      30 day streak???? you are awesome! gives lingot


      Okay! Thank you for that!! :)


      Beware of dozens of emails about users commenting somewhere else in the topic and not replying to your comment per se, since Duolingo disabled their feature for notifications for replies.


      Holy. Cow. Knoxienne, do you do anything with your life besides use Duolingo? ^_^


      lol I wonder the same. I've been following him/her for over a year now and i'm wondering how it's possible for them to be in the lead every week. Knoxienne literally does not slow down. I can never catch up. I'd like to hear the back story lol.


      yeah. what wonderboy said


      Wow, you've really dedicated yourself to Duolingo. I aspire to be in your shoes as time goes on. Good luck with alpha testing. :D


      Oh my god, it is marvelous, you know many languages :) . Now are you fluent in these languages??


      yeah, i'm really curious too


      I too want to knowwwwww


      Hi HelpfulDuo,

      is it a "special" alpha-testing process or is it the standard one (=the one inside the incubator) where only 3 alpha-testers can be invited?

      If it's a special one, is it only for app users like the previous special ones (for Japanese, Chinese and Korean)?


      This will be a larger scale test. We're hoping to get feedback from hundreds of testers :)


      Will this large scale feedback new alpha-test system be granted to not-constructed-by-staff courses too?
      We probably could also benefit from and like to have [the possibility to have] more than feedbacks from 3 persons. ;) And if the tools now exists...


      oh no I'm a month too late :( will love to see what you guys are doing with the spanish course.


      oh no I'm a month too late :(

      As far as we know(°), the application is still open. Hence you're not to late, you can still apply.

      (°) based on:

      1. No announcement by Duo that it started
        But there may be none when it'll start, so not a strong clue by itself.
      2. The link to apply is still here in the OP of this official announcement.
        But they may forgot to remove it once it starts, so not a strong clue by itself.
      3. No one here said "Great, I'm alpha-testing it!".
        For other large-scale A/B test with applications, there are usually several of such messages either on the announcement or in separate new discussions. Not having such things is quite a good clue that it didn't starter, IMO.

      Two of the above are not "by themselves" strong clue but combining the 3, there is IMO no reason to think it started.


      ¡Hola! Today my beautiful new alpha-tree has gone and I've seen the ugly old tree. What's going on? Have you kicked me out of alpha-testing group, or what?


      Will we receive an email or a different kind of notification if we are accepted?? I would love to test this, but am not sure where to look to see if I was accepted!

      Thanks! :) Amanda


      Did you ever find out if you were selected for the new version of the Spanish from English on Duolingo?


      No but it looks like people are already using it.


      I got the link at top to install. But my wife was in the hospital for 2 weeks so I waited until back home again. ....the link disappeared!!!!


      One improvement that you must include, is that currently the male voice does not do the slower speech. I find this quite frustrating.


      Applied! Yes please I would LOVE to test it!


      I applied! I hope I can help with the new course, I'm a native Spanish speaker by the way.


      I would love to help test it. :) IS IT SPAIN SPANISH sorry...lol...or more a boricua spainish?


      No, it's Mexican Spanish again.


      I applied! Spanish tree is a really strange tree. Verbs conjugation is left in the end, so as just I have the feeling of completely lost in the Grammar. Really helpful to have a reformed tree!


      I hope that the new Spanish course starts soon, I am getting bored of repeating the same practice sessions over and over again.

      The course is great, the support, not so great.

      I never get any response to the feedback I leave.


      i signed up.... Today I reached level 25 and I am so happy with Duo. It took 310 days, and an effort level of about 45 minutes to an hour a day. Now I am able to read the paper (slowly!) and other things, constrained mainly by my small vocabulary (which I have not stressed yet).

      I am STILL LEARNING - Duo is now hammering away on the subjunctive, irregular verbs, prepositions for various idioms, plus my characteristic mistakes, which it knows.

      During this drama at about level 18 or so, we went to Latin America and we could survive there OK and chat with taxidrivers (who were VERY patient). I still cannot read Teresa of Avila but she uses a lot of vos and that may be why.

      For nine months of work this is an incredible payoff. Thank You Duo!!


      The good thing about Duolingo is you are learning just as children learn, no tables of conjugation just speach. Ok there are some errors but it's a great way to inbed the language. It's fun too. I reached level 25 67% quite early but as I used to do Spanish I ought to but living in the UK we get no chance to hear Spanish daily. Duolingo gives us this. After 213 days I still make stupid errors, mostly by not taking my time. Well done you on your amazing streak.


      I've signed up to be a Spanish tester! I am excited!! ~


      Hi. Are you already testing the course?


      I also wanted to say, y estoy seguro todo agree, that we are very thankful that this app is FREE. Hay muchas cosas que we should pagar en la vida, pero wanting to communicate con people shouldn't be one of them. I am so thankful to this app y I pray that you guys don't lose sight of the goal for profit. This is by far the best learning app I have ever encountered, muchas gracias. ~


      when i can afford, i will try subscription now and then. Mission is great:: available for many, but there are still expenses.


      Here's a spanish native speaker, so I hope to be helpful!


      I don't get why some "Applied" comments are downvoted, whereas others are upvoted. Chill peeps and love language learning :)

      [deactivated user]

        Where should I post a problem I have about the improved Spanish course?


        Hi, I think the format of the new tree is mostly better, except now I have to test out of a lot of skills I have already learned, and also where are my bonus skills?


        We're we supposed to get the flirting bonus skill and idioms and proverbs bonus skill? It was there and then it wasn't. Does anyone know?


        Sooo, I got an email about problems that they are having with the alpha testing but I never got an email telling me how to get the new course. Can someone please help me? I’ve been waiting for a month.


        I got the same email I think about getting a second batch of alpha testers once they work on accounts with student and observer status...something like that. That was the only email I ever got about alpha testing and I don’t see any changes to my tree either. There is no reason I can think of for why my account would be observer or student status. Hopeful but confused.


        ¡Hola! Today my beautiful new alpha-tree has gone and I've seen the ugly old tree. What's going on? Did you kick me out of alpha-testing group, or what?


        Is it too late, or may I volunteer now? I can't wait to see the new course because I need new material to continue. Jane M. Tiller


        Can I join the Spanish test, thanks


        I had applied and got the link. I ended up in the hospital with my wife for two weeks so didnt install it. Now the link is gone??i


        How long does it usually take to test?


        Can you still sign up to be a tester, or not? I started Duolingo after this came out.


        Applied! Hopeful for this new Spanish course...


        Applied! Super excited! ¡Vamos amigos!


        Can't wait..how great!


        Hi HelpfulDuo, is this a group I'm already in by chance? I'm asking to determine whether or not this is something I should sign up for or if that is not necessary.


        Sounds interesting. I'm in!

        [deactivated user]

          Will this be just for this course, or is it once you sign up you will either have the chance to or be expected to test courses each time the site wishes to improve a ( in this case English course?


          Applied! Looking forward to it!


          My tree is not fully golden and all yet, but I applied.

          Bring it on!


          Wow! Very exciting!


          HelpfulDuo, I am not a polyglot like most of you here, but I will enjoy the challenge of helping while continuing my Spanish studies!


          that sounds intriguing. I signed up, it would be fun to do some different spanish lessons if that's part of it.


          It would be nice to have a word search button where one could enter a word and find it in the language they are trying to learn.


          Yes, that would be very helpful. There have been many times where I have wished for that.


          You are right, yet I guess the amount of vocabulary in the app is limited. For example, I haven't encountered linguistics terms yet, which I would highly appreciate. But there's always dicctionaries.


          ¡MUCHISIMOS GRACIAS! DL improvements are snowballing. I would be happy to participate in the test.


          has this come out yet? I have finished the spanish tree, and don't know.


          A bit late to the party,but I just signed up.

          Sounds like fun:-)


          I am interested in trying the new Spanish course.


          I would like to be involved.


          I suppose native Spanish speakers cannot take part in this.

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          Why not? I would think a bilingual perspective could be valuable.


          Hi HelpfulDuo,

          Just applied. When will we expect to hear more about being part of the Alpha program? Does everyone who signs up get to be a part of it, or is it going to be a random sample?

          Also, I think I might have entered a different email than the one my DL account is through. Is that going to create problems?

          Edit: Went ahead and also applied with my DL email, just in case


          What will be new/different/improved about the new course?


          As a Native Speaker of Spanish, I know I will help with this new project you guys are making! Duolingo is the best!


          Applied! :) Would love to be able to test this out, as I really have to get serious about my Spanish (currently taking a graduate level course in Spanish, but still at a beginner's level...)


          nosotros hemos estado en un nuevo y mejorado curso de español e Ingles espectadores y sus casi listo para pruebas

          hace sonar gustar alguna cosa eres interesado¿Tu puedes ayudar


          I filled out this form three times without getting any response.


          Hi GailOSulli ,

          Filling it several times will not make response come sooner. In fact, if it has any effect, it'll only be to increase the time staff will need to go through the whole list of applications (the day they'll start going through it) hence to delay the responses.

          Given that the OP says "it's almost ready for testing", it's possible that they still didn't start to select alpha-testers as they don't need them yet.
          Another possibility is that they already pick them all (who received then a notification) and the ones (like us) without notification/responses are the one not selected.
          Summarizing: there is only one thing to do, to wait and see.


          I am a beginner. Do you need help still?


          info in introduction says all levels welcome.


          You all are awesome. I can't thank the Duolingo team enough for helping me learn to use and understand Spanish more efficiently. :)


          cant sign up is it no longer available.


          Here, I can still open the form to sign up that is linked in the OP.


          the form still opened for me, too enero once 2018. hope to hear if closed or a reply.


          Anyone who is testing the new course?

          Or the course has not begun yet?


          Hey, I'd love to help and join the Alpha! I'm traveling to South America in 1.5 months and more Spanish practice would be excellent!


          Anyone been selected yet? I was really hoping to get selected and have not seen anything :(


          Signed up, waiting for the Owl to Call (anyone know that song? Joan Baez recorded it ). Anyway, I notice the phrase "Alpha" testing. Is this a name created by Duo? I thought it was called "Beta" testing when people tried out something new.

          • 2053

          Alpha testers test the product first, work out most of the bugs. Then beta testers have their take at it, just before it's released to the public.


          guys get back on topic.


          I am happy to report the new Spanish features are done with very high quality and are fun to learn with.


          Knoxienne 27 languages congrats


          Will the new course fix the fact that after making the tree gold, I get practices like "nuestras camisas" "mis pantalones"? Clearly a waste of time for someone who has completed and maintained golden the whole tree! Once the whole tree is gold, learners need increased complexity, not back to the absolute basics!


          What you describes is controlled by algorithms that apply to all courses, so I would not hope for this announced "new version" of one course to change anything around that.

          If staff means the "usual" meaning of "new version of a course" on Duo when they speak about "Duolingo's new Spanish course", then it's about a new organization of units/skills and/or of what lexemes is introduced where in the tree, etc.
          Basically, "new version" of tree usually means (on Duo) a change on the content, not a change on how the content it's taught.


          There are so many new skills! Can't wait for everyone to get the new Spanish course!


          I applied a while ago and I hope I can be a Alpha Tester!


          Is there any way to still be added as a tester? Ive submitted my email several times when this first appeared a month ago and heard that others have had the new tree and have received a confirmation email. I was so hopeful to see the new material!


          Duolingo your amazing!


          I signed up to become a Duolingo Alpha Tester for Spanish. I hope there is still a need for testers :)


          what do you have to do to sign up

          [deactivated user]

            I am interested in seeing what this new course is like. (⌒‿⌒)


            Quiero ser un probador alpha


            Applied! This is really great!


            Applied! I would like it!


            I have just started with the "normal" Spanish course and since they need Spanish learners of all levels, I'm here to help improve Duolingo by applying to this new course. : )


            I would like to apply


            Where is the Christmas bonus lesson???


            hi, I am interested!


            Nosotrosestado trabajando en nuna nueva inprovisacion Español curso para el ingles hablar y estar casi leyendo para pruebas. Hacer este sonido gustar algunos eres interesado en aprender'tu puedes ayudar. Nosotros viendo Español aprendiendo a todos niveles, desde principiantes a avanzados a jugar con el nuevo contenido y conpartir realimentacion temprano acceso al nuevo curso y la opurtunidad a ayudar a mejorar esto


            Give lingot for school project


            I know I'm late, but I would love to be an Alpha tester if you still need some help!


            Hello i am bilingaul and my teacher is making me do duolingo why


            I signed up !!!!


            I would like to test it .


            just finished applying


            I'm excited to find out. Vamos!


            Applied! I'd love to help!


            little interested.


            Shanksh. I'm in. :D


            I just started learning but I wouldn't mind testing it out :)


            I hope I get picked!


            i have tried and it is horrible i reset it

            [deactivated user]


              No thank you. not now


              Hi! You have to apply to be part of the testing group. So, if you don't apply, nothing will change for you - for right now, at least. I have no idea what the future holds! :)


              do you know when they will let us know, or if we applied will our tree just one day change? any info would be great. muchisimas gracias! :D


              You will get an email saying you have been chosen as well as instructions to get the new Spanish course through TestFlight (at least for iOS).

              Edit: Welp, I was wrong.

              Learn Spanish in just 5 minutes a day. For free.