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"Blue ocean"

Translation:파란 바다

December 14, 2017



Wait, you can also say '푸른 바다' right?


Different shades of blue i believe


바다 is in Euphoria of jungkook❤️


I was also confused and found this useful thread https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/15311788 And esp the answer from Wannabenative: "푸른 is combination of blue and green which is in korean, 파란색,초록색 so you can use it to express both sky and forest and sea like 푸른 하늘 푸른 숲 푸른 바다. But 파란 is literally blue. so you can't use it to express forest it's weird 파란 숲 means blue forest You can imagine 푸른 as a blue-green color" Check also this (has an interesting anecdotes...): https://www.reddit.com/r/Korean/comments/bojeq6/%ED%8C%8C%EB%9E%80%EB%B6%88_green_light/


What's the difference about the form '파란색인' and just '피란' ? Because the answer here is '파란 바다', and in another question the correct sentence was '파란색인 새'

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