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German definite articles often not taught with their nouns

I have spent considerable time over the past year using Duolingo for German. I have been impressed with the program and it has helped me greatly in relearning the German language. I have notice that very often nouns are practiced and taught without using a definite article. I have found that my recognition of German words is quite good but my knowledge of a noun's definite article is poor. It would be good if the article was always included in word match-up exercises etc.

December 14, 2017



What is word match-up exercise? Can you give an example?


The exercise is called "tap the pairs. The exercise " and "how do you say".could also use the article added to each noun.


I'm sorry, but neither of those exercises is familiar to me. I started the German program the last week of September and completed the tree after Level 12. Perhaps what you're describing appeared in lessons before I began. German was a review for me also.


These two exercises commonly offered on the mobile app.

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