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"Have you ever seen a panda that knows kung fu?"


December 14, 2017



Does the 会 function like "can" or "know" in 会功夫的?


Both, but I guess 'know' is better here. 会 can either be a future marker (will) or can/know. There isn't really a distinction between can and know for this word. The distinction is between will and know. Consider:

我明天会走 I will leave tomorrow 我会功夫 I know Kung Fu / I can do Kung Fu.


Thanks for the explanation! I did actually know this before, but somehow, maybe from using Duolingo, the "will" sense overtook the "can" sense in my mind. I often say "我会说一点点中文" but also with 可以 now, I don't really have a sense of which is better.


Thank you! For your last sentence 会 is more appropriate than 可以。 会 shows competence or expertise whereas 可以 shows permission. (Also 能 shows physical capacity.) Consider:

你会不会弹钢琴 Do you know how to play piano? 你可不可以弹钢琴 Do you have permission to play piano? 你能不能弹钢琴 Are you physically able to play piano?

There is a bit of overlap between 可以 and 能, but 会 is more cut-and-dry. Does that help at all?


The Chinese sentence is grammatically correct, but I think 你有没有见过会功夫的熊猫? is more natural.


The two sentences are both natural. :)

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