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Finnish for English Speakers (FI-->EN) Weekly Update Thread 12/13

For those anticipating the FI-->EN Course, here are the updates of the week:

Disappointment from the Project Finnish! fanbase over no comments on the FI-->EN course on Finnish Independence Day.

Release of the weekly Finnish for English Speakers Weekly Sentence Challenge (every Tuesday!)

Duolingo releases a new Spanish Podcast, but no Finnish?

No major twitter activity, save for some geeking out over the new Star Wars (Tähtien Sota, which for those who are wondering, means "Star Wars" in Finnish) movie

I know, I know, it has been a very boring week for Project Finnish. Sorry for no exciting updates! Perhaps this next week will bring some more excitement? Anyway, check out the FI-->EN Weekly Update Thread every Wednesday, and check out the Finnish for English Speakers Weekly Sentence Challenge every Tuesday for some fun immersion into the language. Also, who else is hyped for Star Wars (Tähtien Sota)?

December 14, 2017



I know, I know, it has been a very boring week for Project Finnish. Sorry for no exciting updates! Perhaps this next week will bring some more excitement?

Will it not inevitably be the case that every week will be very boring until a Finnish course is added, whereupon the forum will be so full of posts acknowledging this fact that the weekly update will be redundant as a means of propagating it?


I agree with what OmegaGmaster said. If things get redundant though, then of course I wouldn't be spamming the discussion with the weekly updates, but if there is some developments on the status of the course on reddit, then of course I am going to post about it!


Certain things can and will happen should Finnish start opening, like the uploading of the Finnish flag sprite, landmark, etc.


If you don't like it, ignore them, and feel free to downvote it.


I need Finnish to be released. I have been waiting for years! I have tried other free sources (like Memrise), but I don't like the way that they teach and there is no grammar taught. Does anyone have a good free resource for learning Finnish?


If you are already on Memrise, go for the Slow Finnish course created by a Duolingo user. (The original lessons are here in the discussions: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10579104/All-the-Slow-Finnish-lessons-in-one-place) It has sentences, just like Duolingo does. I'm not sure what you mean by "the way they teach", I liked Memrise quite fine until recently, but these days they keep doing all sorts of "improvements" to the site that I don't like. Well, you'll have to decide for yourself anyway.

Some more sentences are on Clozemaster.

Mondly is OK as a supplement, but they won't teach you any Finnish-specific grammar.

This web course doesn't have any spaced repetition, but otherwise is quite nice: http://tasteoffinnish.fi/

When you've learned the basics, you can start reading simple news here: http://yle.fi/uutiset/selkouutiset/ or here: http://selkosanomat.fi/


Try Mango Languages I think they have Finnish.


Mondly Languages has a website and free app (though there's an option to upgrade which, among other things, gives you the ability to go back to previous daily quizzes).

Finnish is one of over 30 languages available to learn, and I use it mainly for languages that aren't yet available on Duolingo (specifically, Afrikaans, though there's also Bulgarian, Thai, Croatian, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and Indonesian for non-DL languages).


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Clozemaster has Finnish as well.

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Another Finnish resource is Fun Easy Learn (http://www.funeasylearn.com/). It's an app with ads but it's free to use. There is both "Learn Finnish" and "Learn Finnish Phrases." I'm finding it a lot of fun. The Finnish phrases inherently have grammar but there are no explanations or discussions. It is very game-like and I think it's fun and easy!

[deactivated user]

    Finnish is a fascinating language and should definitely be added to Duolingo soon!!!


    Darn! Still no Finnish :( soon! Fingers crossed for Christmas anyone?


    That's also be a good day to open Finnish. Support!


    You forgot this link: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/fi/en/status

    I'm considering editing my owl so that it's crying because there's no Finnish course.

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