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Long Distance Teaching Online

I am new to this site and like it. There is a family that is friends with my family living in Mexico. I introduced them to this website. When I found out about the school I started a class and asked them to join. I was assuming that there was a social feature that allowed all of us to see the same screen when I was teaching and be able to hear them and have them hear me. Unless I missed something this is not available on this site. You can only give them assignments and deadlines.

Please let me know if I'm missing something.

I did find a work around that I tried today and although limited, it worked great.

I downloaded a program called Anydesk and installed it on my laptop and had the family in Mexico install it on their laptop as well. It is a very small download and installed quickly and easily. I called them with the WhatsApp app on my phone (which allows me to make free international calls) and had them log into my laptop using the Anydesk program. I opened the Duolingo website and one of them logged into their account. I then let them work skills in their tree while I was watching them do it and was able to teach them along the way. The younger kids did not finish elementary school so the can't really read and write Spanish but as I also had control of the laptop I could point at things with the cursor and even type things in for them as the spoke.

I don't think that multiple people can log into my desktop at the same time but the could do it with a cell phone as well as a laptop.

I'm sure there are other programs or VPNs that you could use to have multiple log into and see the same screen but this one worked for me and was easy and free.

I'm going to try it in reverse as well so they see me doing the lessons and can help teach me.

December 14, 2017



What a cool idea!

You might also enjoy looking into Zoom and Google Hangouts. They are both videoconferencing solutions that allow multiple participants in audio chat (video optional), and they allow screen sharing too.

Zoom allows you to record meetings, too. While it wouldn't be particularly useful for your Mexican friends to watch a recording of them doing a lesson, it might be helpful if you were working with something else, like the difference between in / at / on.




Thank you for the info. I will look into these options. At some point I would like to be able to look at several screens at the same time. When I taught my lesson yesterday the whole family used one laptop and screen. Therefore only one person typed in the answer. This evening when I have the class I will have them all sign into their accounts, one on the laptop and the others on their cell phones and we will proceed on the same lesson together. The only problem is that I won't be able to see everyone's screen. But this way all of them can get experience points on this site and it might encourage competition; eg. the mom is 33% fluent and the son is only 32% fluent. Again, thanks for the info Lrtward.

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