"You are getting rich."

Translation:Vous devenez riches.

December 14, 2017

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Why can't this sentence be tu and has to be vous?


Tu deviens riche should also be accepted. Check your conjugation is correct and, if it is and the answer is not accepted, report it.


It is accepted. They must also check their adjective, e.g., no "riches" with "tu."


"You become rich" is it the same thing? I'm French


They're very similar but not quite the same. I'm no linguist but "become" instead of "are getting" implies a different context. Almost a different tense. It's as though the adjective has just begun, or happened presently:

If you "are getting" rich, it's happening over a period of time.

If you "become" rich it implies something sudden. Like "You become aware". While technically there's nothing incorrect about the sentence, it's something you'd almost never encounter in actual conversation or writing.


Why is it only richs and not riches? You don't know if the vous are only female or male


"Riche" doesn't change with gender. "Rich" and "richs" do not exist. There are a lot of adjectives like this: calme, rouge, jaune, pauvre, simple, facile, etc.


Here comes a question out of curiosity: Whenever I wanna say "you're getting rich/important/calm/angry/sleepy/etc", should I always use the verb "devener"? Or are there exceptions? Thanks in advance!


Sometimes, yes. The verb "devenir" means "to become", which is the sense of "getting" + adjective in English. In many cases, there are other ways of expressing ideas like this.

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