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Has Swahili audio ground to a halt?

Has there been a problem with the audio which is stopping the course graduating from beta? It is great what has been done so far and it will be wonderful when it has audio. I appreciate the hard work that must go into creating these courses and I would like to thank the contributors for the work they've put in already. However it will be wonderful when we can hear the language.

December 14, 2017



There has been no real communication in 6 months. Rosetta Stone has a similar issue; an unfinished course because of a (perceived) lack of demand. I have been tweeting at Duolingo once every two weeks asking for updates. I need more people to tweet at them (respectively). If the community doesn't galvanize this could possibly remain unfinished.


I don't understand why it would take six months to do something they assumed would take one or two weeks. Why does Duolingo give announcements on things like avatars but says nothing about this? If they gave any kind of response at all it would reduce the number of posts asking the same thing.


Inspired by your tweeting, I decided to tweet them a couple days ago when I first saw this post, but maybe we should start a hashtag to use. It would give us more voice since they could potentially see all our tweets together.

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Strange that the first duolingo african language is mute


Uh oh...so the beta has just stopped in progression? That honestly is so disappointing.


I was excited to start Swahili last night but I stopped since there was no audio. I'd like to learn the language when this is fixed.


it's good to start with actually. If I were you I would try to get to Level 3 or 4 and then maybe switch sources


It’s really odd to me too because if you look at the course updates, they actually said that they had finished all of the audio exercises six months ago. So it’s like, if you’ve finished it then how come it never got updated? What happened? I really appreciate all the work the contributors have done and it’s amazing what they’ve accomplished, but this entire situation still feels very weird to me.

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