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wurde oder wurden?

Hallo alle,

Ich habe den folgenden Satz gefunden:

"Ihnen wurde zu ihrem Lottogewin gratuliert,"

der bedeutet:

"They were congratulated on their lottery win."

Aber soll es nicht "wurden" sein?


December 14, 2017



"Ihnen wurde zum Lottogewinn gratuliert" is right. It might become clearer when you add the subject, which is kind of hidden in the verb:

"Es wurde ihnen zum Lottogewinn gratuliert". "ihnen" is the Dative-object. "Es" is the subject, therefore the verb has to be in the third person singular form. The literal translation into English would be something like this: "It has been congratulated to them on their lottery win"


Thank you!

This is a strange construct to me... I'm trying to wrap my head around it.

1) Is this construct idiomatic to the verb "gratulieren", or can it happen elsewhere?

2) Is this construct also possible not in the passive voice? Would you write:

"Sie gratulierten ihnen es zum Lottogewinn"


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