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  5. "这家酒店的房间不太干净。"


Translation:The rooms in this hotel are not very clean.

December 14, 2017



Very convoluted here ... Accept ' This hotel room is not very clean'


The Chinese sentence means all the rooms in that hotel, not just one room. So the original translation is correct. Your translation is not the same as what it means.


I strongly disagree with you chinese nouns especially those describing non-humans normally can be singular or plural. For example they should have said "这家酒店的房间都不太干净。” This would clarify the meaning as it stands both answers should be accepted.


It's not an obligatory plural so singular translation should be accepted. There would not be a different sentence if there were only one room in the hotel. If one wanted to make it clear that there are multiple rooms, however, they could write 都是不太干净的


Please help educate us by showing us which Chinese sentence would have that meaning.


How can you tell that it is about all the rooms and not only one?


這間酒店的房間不太乾淨 Most of rooms

這間酒店有幾間房間不太乾淨 Several rooms

這間酒店有一間房間不太乾淨 Only one room

不太乾淨 has too meanings, one is not clean, the other is haunted.


Remember these lessons are supposed to be for the beginners.


What are you talking about? I think FuCnSW examples were very didactic


This hotel room is not very clean should be accepted!


I think the reason it should be plural is because of the measure word "家“, which emphasizes that this is the entire building (and all of the rooms it contains). If it was just a "hotel room" (with the "hotel" only serving as an adjective instead of taking the possessive role), the sentence would be something like ”这个酒店房间不太干净。" Thus, if a Chinese person hears this sentence, they will always think the sentence is in the plural and never the singular (as I have tested on many willing subjects).


There is no way of ascertaining plurality here! "The room in this hotel is not very clean" should be accepted, no?


"This hotel room isnt very clean" should have been accepted


My answer was "This hotel's room is not very clean" (wrong) I wonder if "This hotel's rooms are not very clean" would have been accepted.


I tried and it was accepted


my English translation was also correct this hotel's rooms are not very clean


"The hotel's rooms are not very clean" is correct, but not accepted. Please fix!

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