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"Someone should explain this sentence to us."

Translation:Někdo by nám tuto větu měl vysvětlit.

December 14, 2017



Apart from my mistranslation of "this" as "tu" instead of "tuto", why is the word order of my sentence incorrect? "Měl by někdo tu větu nám vysvetlit."


It just is not natural. When 'something' 'somebody'and such are in a sentence as an object, they typically stand at the beginning. You could start with the 'sentence'

Tu větu by nám někdo měl vysvětlit.

Czech word order is very flexible till it is not all of a sudden


Years later I'll leave this thought here. The word order you asked about is off because the inconstant clitic "nám" ends up in the no-man's land, neither a clitic in the 2nd position cluster, nor strongly featured non-clitic in the topic (sentence-initial) or in the focus (sentence-final).


Must "měl" and "vysvětlit" stand in a row in the sentence?


Not necessarily. For example: "Někdo by nám měl tuto větu vysvětlit." or a less common ones: "Nám by tuto větu měl někdo vysvětlit", "Někdo by měl tuto větu vysvětlit nám."


Thank you! My version was "Měl by nám někdo vysvětlit tuto větu" and now I suppose that my mistake was not connected with the verbs' placement...but I can't find out any other reason.


Ok. We have "Měl by nám někdo tuto větu vysvětlit" among accepted answers. Your word order is also fine, it was just missing, it's hard to come up with all the possibilities (currently over 1000 variations). So I'll add it now.

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