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Hello everyone!

I don't know if that's the right place to post this but I'm going to proceed anyway since I can't manage to contact any duolingo staff member.

Anyway, I've been studying Spanish for a year and a half now, we all know duolingo isn't perfect but what's helping improve it a lot is the native speakers helping the new learners understand the idioms, irregulars and whatever that confuses them. Personally, I check the comments section almost 5 times an exercise and it does make everything clear.

A week ago I switched to iPhone and I found a better-looking app than that of Android but it was missing the most important feature, the comments section! Any idea why it's not on the apple app and if it'll be there anytime soon? Can't stress how important it is to me and how it effects my progress. I've tried sending duolingo and email but it doesn't seem to have worked.

Please tell me if there's anything I can do. Thanks in advance :)

December 14, 2017



The inability to access the sentence comments directly from the iOS ap is a significant deficiency; that’s why I usually use my Android phone for new lessons (and my iPad just for review)

This said, so long as Duolingo offers its lessons for free, we really don’t have grounds to complain..


I know and it's a wonderful app that I really do appreciate. I was just wondering why it's not there and if there are any plans to add it.


Wait a minute - - There's a comment section on Android... How could I have just downloaded Duo on my iPad and not my phone... Er, thanks!

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