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モノ or もの?

I was reading lyrics on Utaten, and I chose the song "Go" by Flow band. The following phrase is written in a verse: "失うモノなんてないさいざ参ろう!"

But I thought it should be: "失うものなんてないさいざ参ろう!"

Then, I wrote the phrase on Google Translate and it said the correct was in hiragana, not in katakana.

Did Utaten make a mistake or is correct is in katakana? Or because of this is a song, the composer has his "own style" to write? Can anyone help me?

Here is the song's lyrics: https://utaten.com/lyric/FLOW/GO%21%21%21/#sort=popular_sort_asc

Thankss xD

[Sorry about my English, it's not my native language. Feel free to correct me :D]

December 14, 2017



There are a few words that, depending on context, can be kanji, katakana, or hiragana (sometimes even romaji). These differences usually represent various nuances.

In the case of 物 it takes on the most straightforward meaning; a thing that can be seen and quantified. Simply 'a thing'.

もの is often used to represent an abstract matter or concept. Often favored in legal parlance.

モノ is generally used for something that is has some property or value in addition to being simply a thing, a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.

One should also keep in mind that both 物 (thing) and 者(person) have the same reading, so someone could write it in katakana to make it abstract and/or carry a double-meaning.

Finally, literary forms are often individualized and highly contextualized. This applies especially to song lyrics, and even more so to anime lyrics.

There are numerous examples of words which have different context when written in kanji vs. hiragana vs. katakana. It is not always easy to describe how they are different, it meant more to be 'felt' or 'understood'.


Ohhh!! I got it!! Thanksss :D


I think it should be in Hiragana, since it's not a name or foreign word. Also, ur English is great!

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