Dreidel - - A game to help your hebrew letters

I know learning a language is hard, and you probably want to learn about culture surrounding it and holidays. So I thought I'd share a Jewish game with you. It can help you learn your Hebrew letters.. And, I suppose, it played a part it some history of the holiday as well.

Dreidel is a game that you play on Hannukah. It's lots of fun. There are tops, with four sides, (A song about it goes 'With leg so short and thin, and when you get all tired, you drop and then I win' although you don't necessarily win all the time). Each of them has a letter on it. Pay or Shin depending on which country you're playing in (In Israel it would be Pay and the US Shin), Nun, Hay, and Gimmel.

You need at least 2 players and at least 24 sweet things. You start by giving each player 12 sweet things (I don't recommend scoops of icecream, but Skittles are good for this purpose). Each player puts two pieces in the middle. The first player spins his/her dreidel.

If it lands on nun, they do nothing If it lands on pay or shin, they put 1 in the middle If it lands on hay, the take half from the middle If it lands on gimmel, they take all the pieces from the middle

The next player takes a turn, and then the next. When the pot is empty, if more than one player still has pieces, everybody puts 4 in.

This is a really fun game that helps you recognize your Hebrew letters. In case you were wondering, Hannukah is a holiday that started on the 12 of December that goes until the 20 of December. In Hebrew months it would start on the 25 of Kislev.

FUN FACT: Dreidel in Hebrew is Sevivon. There are lots of songs about both Sevivon and Dreidels. If you are really interested, look up Sivivov or I Have a Little Dreidel on YouTube.

December 14, 2017

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Dreidel in Hebrew is Sevivon (סביבון)

December 18, 2017
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