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So I Switched My Phone's Language To Korean


To fully immerse myself in the language it was a logical decision but OMG...my heart rate increased astronomically once I saw everything in Korean. I have to translate everything on my phone now. The benefit to this is I'm pretty much forcing myself to learn new words. The con to this is, I use my phone's MAPS app to drive home and I'm going home for Christmas and I'm definitely going to get lost with it being in Korean. LMAO I probably should leave as soon as possible to make up for me not understanding it telling me to turn left. =D

How do you immerse yourself while learning Korean?

December 14, 2017



I switched my phone to Spanish once, and I had a friend watching Google navigate and telling me where to go. It's not that hard, you can see a left turn coming up, and the street names. But the Spanish word for feet is "pies" so if there's a right turn in 500 feet, it would display "500 pies".

My friend said "Five hundred PIES??? I LOVE your phone!!!" (like the dessert)


lmao. if i was in the car i would have died from laughter!


that would have been too hilarious if I was in that situation


OMGOODNESS! I did the same thing, but in spanish! It honestly helps in Korean if you know the alphabet and what the original text was before. That's what I would do... Some ways I would immerse myself in a language is to speak to others in that language, and it helps. I do that to my mom in spanish, even though she doesn't understand, but it helps you realise what words you need/want to know, and it's fun to use them! I hoped that helped!


great but I don't think that I could do thet


I did it with Spanish and became use to it because Korean is a different beast because its a whole new language system! Not even the same symbols so I really have to read it lol


Korean is so difficult, I have a Korean friend and when she speaks it, it's like an alien language. I'm trying to learn it so I can speak to her in her own language!


If you don't know it, it is literally alien. Haha


I couldn't imagine that! I like watching Kpop and Kdramas but I need subtitles otherwise it makes no sense. That's a brave move! Good luck!


I have switched my phone to Spanish and it works really well for me. I think you have to get to a certain level of fluency before you can immerse yourself in such an intense way.


I changed my Facebook into Korean after a couple weeks of learning.


I just put my phone in Korean for my 3 year Korean Anniversary. I felt like I was ready so I just did it. Just make sure you're very familiar with the language, then it won't be a big problem :)


If you're at the level where you can change your phone, do you mind if I reply in Korean? I thought it might be good writing practice for me and good reading practice for you.

참 좋은 생각입니다. 또 다른 아이디어가 뭐나면 구글 계정을 한국어로 바꾸는 겁니다. 구글 계정은 다른 서비스와 연결되어 있기 때문에 예를들면 메일을 확인할 때 여분의 노력없이 읽기 연습을 할 수 있어요. 어디가든 어떤 기계를 사용하든 어떤 웹사이트에 들어가든 똑같은 단어를 결국 보게 되실 겁니다. 그리고 저는 방금 또 다른 생각이 났다. 몇년 뒤에 핸드폰 기본 언어를 모국어로 다시 변경해 보세요. 저는 10년 이상 저의 컴퓨터와 핸드폰을 한국어로 사용해 왔거든요. 어느날 그냥 궁금해서 언어를 영어로 다시 바꿔봤는데 역문화 충격과 같더라고요.

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