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How to stay motivated to learn a new language?

...the title is pretty straightforward.

December 14, 2017



Find something interesting that involves the language. If that doesn't work, then submerge yourself in the culture, talk to natives, do something to force yourself to keep at it.


Thanks. I have large periods of time that come pretty randomly, where I am not motivated to do any language learning. I convince myself that I'll never be able to speak the language and that I don't understand anything. Again, thanks!


This may sound a bit odd but even if you don't know the language, watch a good few videos and get to know how the language sounds. Then eventually you may think "Wow, I really want to be able to understand that one day" and if you feel like that then you should always keep those videos in mind so you know what you'll eventually achieve.

Most people say that it's a good idea to have a daily goal but in my opinion it's bull and doesn't help at all. It just adds stress. You can set yourself daily goals each day but what I find more effective is: if you don't feel like studying the language don't - if you do, do. It's your free time and there's no point in forcing something upon yourself. You'll have days when you'll spend hours on a language and days when you'll feel bored by the language. It happens to everyone and it'll reduce the stress and make it feel more fun :D


I would stick to one language. Once you master that language move on to the next one.


That's a good idea. It can be very complicated to learn multiple languages at once. :)

[deactivated user]

    Well we all find motivation that suits us best. Now I have a streak stretching close to 700 days now. I don't feel motivated to learn EVERY day. But I make sure to do at least one lesson each day. Putting motivation aside for a moment, would you be able to complete a lesson before you get out of bed in the morning? How about at night when you go to sleep? Less than 5 minutes you can complete a few lessons every day without needing too much motivation. What about in the bathroom? I've knocked out lessons while being otherwise indisposed. Make lessons a part of your daily routine, that keeps you on track when your motivation isn't. Now when you are motivated, why do you want to learn the languages you're taking? For me, I learned Spanish because it was deeply personal and Italian because I absolutely love it. I'm learning French and German for the same reason. Is there ever a day that you don't want to speak another language? This thought helps keep me motivated because I've always wanted to speak these languages and they are pure joys to learn. Good luck!


    Well... I started learning French because not only is it school required ( Either French or Latin. And Duolingo doesn't have Latin yet) and my family told me to start early, but also because I have had many, many, many, many, MANY teachers that speak French ( And English lol ) And because one of my friends is Canadian and mainly speaks French. But that's how I was motivated. ANYWAYS, a good way to stay motivated to learn a language is to have a group of friends who also want to learn and learn together! I have learned from experience, that having people who know or teach or even are learning French, is not only helpful, but fun! There are countless numbers of Facebook pages of people on which are fluent or learning French to get together and chat and help each other out. I'm sure you will figure out why you chose to do it in it's own time. Have a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah Etc. ~Galaxy A.K.A Amber :)


    Just think about the fact that if you stop, it'll take even longer to learn...


    Find small ways to introduce the language into your life. For me, I found a French MeetUp in my territory and I like the people that I've met so far! I'm also becoming a French host for DuoLingo Saint Louis! Do you have a computer or use a phone (I'm under the assumption you do! How else did you post this response)?

    For me, I'm a gamer and I got fairly used to the English text. For me, I changed the game text for Rainbow Six Seige to French and I'm picking up on more uncommon words & phrases like "Désamorce la bombe" -> "Diffuse the bomb" & "fusil de shot" -> "shotgun".

    It also helps me on the game because I've met a few French players and some Canadians, so my French encounters were interesting. You know what it is in English, so make it relevant to you.


    Listen to music from French artists, watch movies in French; I personally watch Miraculous Ladybug with French audio, and it keeps me motivated.

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