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  5. "We had found the hotel."

"We had found the hotel."

Translation:Nós tínhamos encontrado o hotel.

March 16, 2013



I thought this was present tense


Encontramos works either in present or in past. It is the same


Not when you get the exercise with the English and have to translate to Portuguese - it asks for "had found". I reported it.


I think Duolingo retrieves a word which is valid, in this case "encontramos", then retrieves a valid sentence containing it, even if the sentence is not related to the topic. This would explain why we see sentences about grass ("grama") in the weights module.


Ohhhhh really!!! Because "grama" is a measure in Portuguese. You say: "a grama do meu jardim..." / "quero duzentos gramas de presunto". In english they're not the same (duzentos gramas = 200g)


That's what I thought. That also explains why sentences using cafe (coffee) are present in the places lesson, because it refers to the coffee shop.


we had found the hotel could also be "nós tínhamos encontrado o hotel". But we find/found = nós encontramos

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