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  5. "¿Qué hice ahora?"

"¿Qué hice ahora?"

Translation:What did I do now?

March 16, 2013



In English "What did I do now?" has the meaning "What did I do this time?" as in "Did I do something bad again?" It's an idiomatic expression. "Now" doesn't have the usual meaing of "at this time". Is the same true in Spanish?


> Is the same true in Spanish?



Why not "What have I done now?" Personally, I would always use this in English rather than " What did I do now?"


Because have done is a present perfect verb and would require haber + verb. This is an exercise in past tense.


Don't worry, we'll learn that later.


I reported it, but it didn't accept What did I make now? as correct, even though hacer means both make and do.


If someone blames me for something, and I say "I did what now" How would you say that in spanish if not "Qué hice ahora" or is that correct?


Not sure but I think you would use "Hice lo que ahora" . Anyone else?


Can't ahora mean "a moment ago", and hence the sentence would be "What did I do a moment ago?"


Learning Spanish would be easier if the English translation made sense. 'Now' surely does not belong in a past tense exercise.


Suggest you read the rest of the comments.


Should it not be what do I do know?


This question does not have any sens. It should be What do I do now? or What did I do then?


If you will look at the very first comment in this thread (by me 5 years ago, can you believe) I asked whether the Spanish sentence has the same meaning as this common idiomatic English expression.


Would never ever have gotten this one.


Given that the drop down said "a moment ago" as well as "now", and the sentence was in the past tense, surely it makes far more sense to say "What did I do a moment ago"?


Past simple with "now"? Pretérito indefinido con "ahora". This does not make sense in English nor in Spanish!

What have I done now? ¿Qué he hecho ahora?

I'm afraid that Pretérito Perfecto does not exist for Duolingo. It seems to be an endangered tense, almost extinc. Most of Spanish speakers use it!

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