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"Do you love watching Korean TV shows?"


December 14, 2017



I'm getting really frustrated. I tried "你爱不爱看韩国电视节目?" and it was marked wrong. Why do some of these only accept the 吗 way of asking questions and others only accept the (verb)不(verb) way? I don't see any pattern and I thought this was a valid way of asking this.

Can a native speaker or someone more knowledgeable please clarify? Is there something wrong with what I wrote or is this just an oversight that this wasn't entered in as a valid alternate translation yet? Thanks!


There is no problem with your question.

However, again, language is a very complicated thing. To have unrealistic expectation about a program is just torturing yourself.


The problem is that there are many of these small mistakes in the program, and when they do eventually fix one, they don't then get the bright idea of fixing all the other ones that are of the exact same type. They are relying on us to fix their content for them, and even so they take forever to fix things.


The sentence "你愛不愛看韓國電視節目?" is now accepted, I just tried. :-)


I was marked wrong for 你爱不爱韩国电视节目 just today.


You missed 看。


I have the same problem. I also wish there was a rule. ?


Guys,why is not applied “的” between 国 and 电?


It is okay to use 的 although less preferred. Please see this .


I forgot to add 吗 at the end, however Duo took it as valid.


same, i think maybe this is worth flagging?


What was the full sentence you gave? The "ai bu ai" version is only correct without "ma."


Any reason why "你爱看韩国电视节目" was accepted as an answer? I accidentally submitted it without the 吗, which I understand to be a statement rather than a question.


Oh! I think it should not be accepted. And I think it has been fixed


看 was not on the menu.


"你喜欢看韩剧吗?". This isn't accepted. It's not entirely accurate as "韩剧" describes Korean TV dramas, but if you're asking someone if they watch Korean TV shows, that's 99% of time what they're talking about, honestly...

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