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  5. "请问,到医院怎么走?"


Translation:Excuse me, how do I get to the hospital?

December 14, 2017



Excuse me, how to get to the hospital excuse me how to walk to the hospital excuse me how do i walk to the hospital excuse me how to go to the hospital excuse me how do i get to the hospital may i ask how to walk to the hospital.

you are punishing learners unnecessarily. its very annoying I need to test out to hsk3 and your programme is too dogmatic. before you argue i teach english to chinese students i am very familiar with huge range of variables in translation. focus on concepts and not phrases please english and chines can be arranged in many ways


Dear Jonoboyle, it would be a pleasure if you join the team of "duolingo tree builder"... maybe you could help to make the improvements faster.

Can we really complain? It's nice when Duolingo upgrades, and for sure, we have to report as much as possible. But imagine you building a course, maybe you will not think about all the possibilities at the first time either.

This is a free program, helpful for some of us, not official HSK lessons. I am very grateful towards all Duolingo teachers and "computer workers". Of course, Duolingo doesn't do all, I complete my learning with other sources. The only thing that I regret is the fact that is so difficult to communicate with them. It makes it difficult to give some feedback, so the corrections are done very slowly (or never).

So yes, we have to learn the "duolingo answer", to answer correctly the next time. That's a detail compared to the chance to have this program.

As you can read it, I am not native in English, so I have to learn some languages from English or Spanish, not from my mother tongue. So of course, it would be wonderful if all the solutions could be put in the system... so I could learn better English.

You know, I had some health problem, I can't work, so I have almost not enough money to eat. Grace to Duolingo, I can learn languages and build me a new future. I live far away from all, so with no possibilities to borrow books and CDs. Duolingo is not perfect, but efficient for the bases. And free. So, personally, I report as much as possible, but I will never complain or criticize all these people who try to do their best, working to give a wonderful opportunity to the whole humanity.


Wow, I really wish I could help make the course better too. But I am just barely learning chinese. I will pray for you and all the people learning on duolingo. btw way your discourse is excellent.


I TOTALLY agree with you! Too many people complaining and they didn't even do anything to make it. We need to be grateful that there is even a course out there. If I had spent my time trying to create this, I would hate to see people who did nothing complaining about it. THANK YOU DOULINGO AND ALL THOSE WHO MADE IT!!!!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for putting into words what I've been thinking. The Chinese Duolingo seems very raw, as many variants are not added.


@Jono - correct. If we ask a few thousand more participants we will collect another thousand variants. Great way for all of us to learn all variants of English. Way to go.


We get to this site to learn Chinese. There is no need to break one language (the English for instance) to learn another one.



Dude, all we are saying is to not be obsessed with getting 27,987 different English versions of this sentence into Duo.

Focus on the Chinese if that's what you are here for. If you are here to teach us English, then that's a different matter altogether. :-)


Focus on concepts , not phrases ?!

Tell this to yourself instead of focusing on what phrases should be considered as accepted .

What matters is the concept, as you say.., so don't nag about the orders.. it's just the meaning that matters.


Well said. It has been 2 years and the same problem still persist. It is like the programmers here doesn't give a damn at all. I mean how difficult it is to incorporate multiple options? This is a Chinese lesson for godsake, not an English lesson.


I'm not entirely sure this is a Chinese lesson, since we want the Duo team to spend more time correcting the English grammar rather than spend time creating Chinese content.


"Excuse me, which way to the hospital?" should definitely be an acceptable translation for this.


I also wrote, Excuse me, which way to the hospital. This program needs a lot of work still!


Excuse me, how to get to the hospital?

Does all the reporting actually mean duolingo will fix sentences like this? So far it unfortunately seems like they won't!


Duolingo has already sent me confirmation that 8 of my suggestions are now accepted answers. The system may be slow, but it does work


+1 on this, i answered the same phrase


I definitely agree!!!


I wrote the same answer and obviously one year is not enough to fix it ;).


Where is "I" in the sentence


It is not there. Subject of the Chinese sentence is hidden. It also does not have to be "I" (although likely so).


Yes, I put "how does one get to the hospital" and it was accepted. I almost fell of my chair!


Way to go! :)


This is actually the best translation: "How does one get..."


The comma is not necessary here, and I would rather omit it.


I dont see the "I" isn't it "How to get to the hospital?

[deactivated user]

    It said I missed a word but the missing wird wasn't available


    excuse me, how can i get to the hospital should be accepted


    Why does it use 到 but also 走?They both signify to go somewhere.


    It is because 到 and 走 are different type of words. 走 is a verb (to walk or to leave) while 到 is a preposition or an adjective (to or arrived). Here it is a preposition.
    The affirmative form of this sentence is
    [ I ] [in this way] [go] [to] [the hospital].
    Turning it to a question, then it becomes
    [To] [the hospital] [ I ] [how] [go]

    Certainly sometimes a word looks like a verb in Chinese, but we need to remember they ultimately are not. 我到了伦敦 translates to "I have arrived in London"; however, what it actually says is "I am in a state of having arrived in London".


    please, how do i get to the hospital? is not correct? 请问 can also be translated as please to my knowledge


    I am told I am wrong, the only difference is the comma, how to get out of that and get on?


    Excuse me, do you know the way to the hospital should be accepted


    Excuse me, how to get to the hospital ----> is this wrong?


    I entered "Sorry, what is the way to the hospital?" which was not accepted as a correct translation. I think it should be added as a possible variation.


    It corrects me for using we instead of I. Out of context, it can go both ways depending on if the person asking is asking for themselves or the whole group.


    for everyone who types their answers in with pinyin, be careful that you do not add an extra space after the comma or it will be marked wrong


    Literally, why is 么 needed ?


    It is a part of 怎么.


    How to get - (is grammatically wrong) it should contain an auxiliary verb. For example can, do, will, does and etc. So (how do i get, how can i get, how will I get) are grammatically correct English sentences.


    How one can know that this sentence is in singular or plural form? Can it be interpreted as "Do you know the way to the hospital?" or similar qustioning about a route sentenses?


    I think that my version is perfectly acceptable. Excuse me, how do I get to the hospital?


    Yes, that is the answer that they use. If you got the answer incorrect it was probably an accidental mistake like a spelling mishap or something like that. :)

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