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Romanian Augmentation?

Is anything more in development for Romanian?

Even getting partway through the lessons helped me out tremendously in Romania this summer. It was awesome to finally be able to be part of the conversations, but I still want to become more fluent.

Well, a few day ago I finished going through the entire Romanian course. Woo-hoo!

Now what? Practice previous lessons, of course… But will there be more? Spanish has bots, fluency percentage, stories, podcasts, and events. Is there anything like any of these on the way? Please?

December 14, 2017



Hello, AndyOSC!

Thanks for asking! I am currently the only moderator left, but I have plans to start working on a more comprehensive tree in the following months and even starting a Romanian stories. But as nickbii said, the volunteers have to do all the work.

Contact me at mikerowen13@gmail.com and we can keep in touch. I will let you know when and what is going to get done :-)


This is a volunteer-made course, Spanish is staff-made. A lot of the cool stuff that Spanish gets is probably not gonna end up here unless somebody volunteers to code it themselves.

So the Duolingo stuff you can do to help your Romanian is probably limited to keeping your tree golden. There's a whole spaced-repetition learning model that they've designed into how fast words decay/skills show up as not gold/etc. so that will help you remember this stuff. A lot.

In the meantime, you're at the point in your learning journey where going outside of Duolingo could be helpful. This site has free eBooks you can read. YouTube has free videos to watch, including this TV network, although I've been spending more time on music videos. Romanian Wikipedia is also a good source.

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