"Cu cine?"

Translation:With whom?

December 14, 2017

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The more natural "who with" refused. Reported.


Whom may be correct but it is rarely heard in common English English now, more likely you will hear Who with?


I'm an EFL teacher and I agree a hundred percent with Kevin Smith. Even the Economist refused to use it a few months ago, as they reckoned it would sound stilted. I really can't understand these downmarkings.


I was thinking the same thing, Kevin is right, so why the downvotes? I added an upvote.


Whom is still very prevalent as a prepositional object.


Prevalent after a preposition yes, but we mostly avoid that by putting the preposition at the end. The evidence available to the publishers of EFL materials, from corpora etc, suggests that the use of "whom" is in fact rather rare in modern spoken English.


I've never heard anyone in my life say "Who with?". It is much more common to say "With who?".


And for me (BrE speaker) it's exactly the opposite. The natural position for the preposition in spoken English is usually at the end, and I certainly say "Who with?".

What's more, it's what's usually shown in (BrE) EFL course books, in contrast with the very formal "With whom?"

Perhaps it's an AmE / BrE thing.

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