I love french so much and i am just starting i still got a while to go

December 14, 2017


Sault! Bienvenue a Duolingo

Hi Chatblanc0000 (or should I say white cat? :D)!
Welcome to duolingo!
I must agree, French is pretty cool. If you have any questions (about language or website), feel free to ask!

Hello! I'm new and I'm learning french too! I love it so much just like you . I don't like it. But I do love it! So I'm not a scam but what's your name Chat blanc! Bonjour Mon nom est Katie et j'aime les lapins. Alors tu aimes le fran├žais comme moi. tout est si chic. Vous pouvez deviner ce que je viens de dire.

Hello ! Well come to duolingo

Welcome! its an amazing language. join the page below for daily tests and questions from people learning french too!! good luck

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