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Petition: Tips & Notes on App!


What is the biggest problem with the Duolingo App? It's not the Bugs. It's not the fact that it doesn't have Czech and High Valyrian. It's not the fact that all too often it's extremely glitchy. It's the absence of Tips & Notes.

Grammar is crucial when learning a new language. My native language is English and it's the only one I can speak fluently and I speak it every day, but I still learn English's grammar.

Please sign the petition I made for Tips on the Duolingo App. The majority of duolingo users are on the App, have no idea there is a website, and thus they have to learn grammar on their own. Duolingo would be a much better language learning app if they included teaching Grammar.

The petition: https://www.change.org/p/luis-von-ahn-tips-and-notes-on-the-duolingo-app

Thanks everyone :)


December 14, 2017



I have never used the app. I had no idea that people didn't know that there was a website.


Maybe post in the r/duolingo Reddit forum? I hear that Luis will on occasion give a response there.


Done. Thanks :)


I signed! I really dislike not having the notes on the app--it's really frustrating to learn a language by trial and error only. It puts me off of learning the language/using Duolingo. I have to use the mobile site instead.

[deactivated user]

    I signed. ❤


    Uh oh, is the Leprechaun back again?


    More likely a generous user with too many lingots


    Great initiative


    Ill do my best to help get others to sign the petition! I already have. Let's do this guys!!!


    Only 26 signatures after 6 months? I know I've seen more than 26 complaints about this. :-) We need to spread the word about this petition!


    There's grammar tips + notes for Chinese. But there's none for German! :( Let's make grammar tips + notes accessible across all platforms! (I signed)

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    Just signed! No sense that those tips are not available in the app / mobile version.


    ——Grammar is crucial when learning a new language——
    No it isn’t, at least not to the basic level that Duo teaches. It may be very useful or even important but Crucial?
    Did you need grammar when you learned the basics of your native language.


    Learning your native language as a baby/young child =/= learning a new language at teenage years or older.


    Without grammar it is impossible to construct even the simplest sentence. You wouldn't know if it's "yo soy" or "yo eres"; you couldn't tell the difference between "la mela" and "le mele." So, yes, grammar is crucial at every level of language learning, but more broadly you clearly have a point. The mere fact that there are many users only using the app, who don't know about the website points to the fact that reading about grammar needn't be crucial. Of course, on Android there are discussions, so it's easy to find answers to many a question.


    The basics? No.

    But even as a child you are shown a tiny bit of grammar. For example, my sister use to mix up her pronouns all the time (like saying, "he is a girl.) She never does that now. She was taught the grammar.

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