Last weekend I visited the South of France. I tried my French and what was very pleasant to me, I was able to communicate in shops, restaurants. Of course, you are in stress and do not have enough words, but then you just relax and speak as you can. Nobody knows you anyway :) The most difficult was to ask to continue our conversation in French, as many people were switching to English and kindly asking maybe this would be more easy :). Mais, non, je voudre parler en Francais, s.v.p :).

December 14, 2017


Thanks so much for posting this. Thx for sharing. I have a weird anxiety about speaking French. I just know I'm gonna screw it up. lol Your confidence is contagious.

Wow, Hearty congratulations. That's real awesome. Wish you all the best.

Hi bro I play GT lol : )

Good 1 like for you :))

[deactivated user]

    Great story!

    Congrats! We are going to SoF next summer too. It's the main reason I'm picking up French. Such a great country.

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