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Extra language learning series

Hiya Duolingists! I was wondering if anyone has seen a series called EXTRA. While researching ways to learn a different language I found one thing all experts agree on is listening to a different language can help with comprehension. The Extra series is a story about a woman and her roomie getting am American male visitor who doesn't speak very well. I've only watched some of the French version but its in German, Spanish and Italian. Of all the learning videos I've come across, this is the most accessible because it is really entertaining and the stars are dishy. The writing style is similar to an 90s sitcom than language learning material. (Think Friends or Living Single) The way that the two are seamlessly incorporated is genius. Is anyone familiar with this?

Lemme know, NEWWard

December 14, 2017



Good 1 like this topic! The next time remember the presentation a little better:))

Is this article written by you or taken online? If you get online then have a source!


i dont understand but thanks for the comment.


Oh ! Sorry i don't know :)) Do not know Vietnamese? What's your nationality ?

I' am from Viet Nam !
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