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  5. When you get it right :D


When you get it right :D

Do you ever get a sentence that seems difficult, and you try your best and realise you have managed to get it right? That happened to me just now and made me weirdly happy. It's moments like this that make all the struggles worth it. Anyone else?

December 14, 2017



May I build on that moment, please? What's cool about that moment - remembering it in a few months and thinking, "Wow. It's so clear to me now - wonder why I thought it was difficult before!"


Exactly! It's always nice to reflect on how far you've come, remembering the times you struggled with certain grammatical rules and realizing that they come naturally without effort now. Always so exciting. :)


Same. I remember when I was first doing the Chinese course. When I finally completed a sentence perfectly with no mistakes, I was thrilled, and I felt like there should be more celebration than just the, "That is correct!" message :D


Well done!

I got all giddy when I translated a long sentence containing a subordinate clause into German, and got the word order correct. Was honestly amazed. :D


almost every sentence in German (if it is long enough) has 3 ways you can say it with different word order.


Yes, I know that feeling well. It does leave you with a strong sense of accomplishment and the realization that you are actually making good progress. Good post.


Hahaha, I thought to be the only one... Sometimes it comes any hard sentence so I look at it and I'm like F***! Certainly I'mma get it wrong, but surprisedly I just know it then I think of it out loud -

Heck yes!

[deactivated user]

    Yeah hahahah, i get very happy when it happens


    Oh definitely. And as you progress in your language learning you get even better milestones to get excited about! They get harder to reach each time but hey, that just means it's more rewarding to reach them. Keep it up.


    Yes, me too. But -I just looked for some discussions because there is a big step to come from 77% to 78 now and I don‘ t know why. I am exercising much more than I did when I got he other increases. I thought that I am really doing well, that I am patient and all this stuff, but now I am a little bit sober about that. I think that I reached 78% one time but at the next morning it went back to 77. Does anybody could help me. By the way -I wish much more moments like that for you exercising here!!


    Yep! That's a great feeling! And I agree with other posters that looking back on those sentences that you know were really hard for you before, but that have become intuitively easy to understand is pretty great too.

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