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Native language to new language only option? Also finnish language

So if you know the extreme basics of a language, it is very easy to translate from a foreign language to your own. I think it would help people if you could let us select what kind of questions we want. For example I am learning german. I can easily translate german to english. But when I am given an english sentence and I need to translate to german is much more difficult. The system so far has rarely given me english to german translations. Is there a way to allow only those kinds of translations so I can translate faaster? Also is Finnish going to be added?

December 14, 2017



It seems you want more L1-L2 translation exercises. Duolingo doesn't do a good job at this, so users often do the Reverse Tree, i.e. English from German, L1 from L2, etc, so they can get more practice translating L1 into L2.

As for your Finnish request, it was confirmed by Luis von Ahn in an AMA. The question is when. Since Finland's 100th Independence Day passed without any indication that Finnish was coming, nobody here knows when it will be opened. (The ones who do probably work at Duolingo and are not allowed to disclose that information.)


As Omega mentioned , the reverse tree is good for writing more in your target language. When I started the French reverse tree ( FR-Eng) it was difficult . I had to think about every word I was writing. (which showed how weak I was in translating to French). It's defintely been worth it to me.

Bonne chance avec votre allemand !


I've been working on the German tree (slowly) for more than two years and I can confirm that the amount of translations to the target language gradually rises. Probably too slowly for a serious learner, but it happens.


The reverse tree, English for German speakers, is what you want, as has been said. Should it be too difficult now (which it probably will not be), then keep returning to it as you progress in the German for English speakers tree.

The reverse trees really do work well as a follow on. It is too bad that not all languages have them here.

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