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Articles that actually need translation

Here are a list of articles that need to be translated into English. After they are translated to English, I will have them uploaded to Wikipedia.

Needs to be translated (ES > EN):

Universidad de Orihuela Needs checking

Plenario de Parlamentarios del País Valenciano

Consejo del País Valenciano Needs checking

Mesa de Fuerzas Políticas y Sindicales del País Valenciano Needs checking

Ignacio Fernández Toxo

Benjamín Rubio Needs checking

Antonio Gutiérrez

Derecho laboral de España Upload incomplete

Elecciones sindicales

Quintín Cabrera Needs checking

Diego Sales Márquez

Campus de Cádiz Needs checking

Campus Bahía de Algeciras

Campus de Jerez

Campus de Puerto Real Posted to Wikipedia

DE>EN Articles that need translation: Welterbe in Deutschland

This is a small project that I'm testing out. I've heard people lamenting on how they're wasting their time translating articles because a lot of the articles already have translations in Wikipedia.

I'm trying to solve this by finding articles that are not translated yet, and then listing them so people can find them more easily.

If this works, I will continue to work on it. If it fails, then I'll stop. Please give suggestions to improve it.

Also, I'm only going to do Spanish to English because I'm learning Spanish. If this is successful, maybe I'll find people to work on other languages.

Here is a guide for anybody who wants to put a completed article in Wikipedia http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_Move_Your_Document_from_Immersion_to_a_website

4 years ago