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Dialogue in Foreign Languages

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    I have a fun challenge for everyone: Write your own Dialouge in your native language, and the language(s) you are learning. I hope you have fun! 1. It has to make sense 2. State the languages used 3. Make up your own dialogue.

    If you are not familiar with the meaning of dialogue, it is simple. It is basically a discussion between a few characters(at least two). It looks like a script for a play.


    December 14, 2017



    Here's a dialogue in East Circassian/Kabardian.

    Родрик: Ф1эхъус апщий. Уи махуэ ф1ыуэ.
    Ахьмэд: Упсо апщий. Махуэф1 тхьэм къыуит. Дауэ ущыт?
    Родрик: Сытэмэмщ, упсэу. Сыт уи ц1эр?
    Ахьмэд: Сэ си ц1эр Ахьмэдщ. Сыт уи ц1эр?
    Родрик: Сэ си ц1эр Родрикщ. Си гуапэщ укъызэрык1уар.
    Ахьмэд: Си гуапэщрэ укъызэрык1уар. Уэ уадыгэщ?
    Родрик: Хьэуэ, сэ садыгэкъым. Сэ самериканщ. Адыгэбзэрэ адыгэ культурэрэ ф1ыуэ солъагъу. Адыгэбзэр сызэгъэщ1ащ. Нобэ адыгэбзэр анэбзэу сопсэлъэф.
    Ахьмэд: Дэгъуэу! Сынохъуэхъу уи ехъул1эныгъэмк1э!
    Родрик: Упсэу! Охь, сежьэжын хуейщ.
    Ахьмэд: Иджыри дызэхуэзэнщ!
    Родрик: Узыншэу!
    Ахьмэд: Узыншэу!

    Here's a translation:

    Rodrick: Hello. Good afternoon.
    Ahmed: Hello. Good afternoon to you too (lit. May God give you a good day). How are you?
    Rodrick: I am great, thank you. What is your name?
    Ahmed: My name is Ahmed. What is your name?
    Rodrick: My name is Rodrick. It is nice to see you.
    Ahmed: It is nice to see you too. Are you Circassian?
    Rodrick: No, I am not Circassian. I am American. I love the Circassian language and culture. I studied the Circassian language. Today I can speak it like my mother tongue.
    Ahmed: Amazing! I congratulate your success!
    Rodrick: Thank you! Oh, I must leave now.
    Ahmed: We'll meet again!
    Rodrick: Goodbye!
    Ahmed: Goodbye!

    I'll upload a voice recording at some time, perhaps after I finish homework. Also, if there are any Circassian speakers here, please correct any errors I have made, if there are any. ❤️


    Me gusta Duolingo. Ich mag Duolingo. Мне нравится Дуолинго. Is maith liom Duolingo. Eu gosto de Duolingo. Duolingo Severim. J'aime bien Duolingo. Ja lubię Duolingo. Mi piace Duolingo. I like Duolingo.


    Here's a dialouge in Romanian!!!

    *I'm not a native speaker, which means there will probably be mistakes so I'm sorry...

    Dialog -

    1. Mama: Ce-i asta?
    2. Copil: Ce?
    3. Mama: Ba uite-te la mine, lasa telefonu'
    4. (Mama scoate telefonul din mainile sale)
    5. Mama: La ce te uiti pe prostia asta?
    6. Copil: Nimica mamo! Lasa ma in pace.
    7. Mama: Nu! Eu sunt mama ta, tu o sa asculti pe mine. De ce stai aici toata ziua pe fundu' si nu faci nimic!
    8. Copil: Da' ce vrei sa fac?
    9. Mama: Uita-te in jurul tau, e murdara in camera asta! Daca n-o sa faceti curatenie in casa, o sa te bat imediat! Ma auzi?
    10. Copil: Da mama, am inteles
    11. Mama: Bine, asa ar trebui sa fie
    12. Copil: (sopot) nesimtito
    13. Mama: Ce ai zis?
    14. Copil: Nimic
    15. (Mama priveste la copil cu ochi rai)

    English Tranlsation

    1. Mother: What's this?
    2. Child: What?
    3. Mother: Look at me, and leave the phone!
    4. (The mother takes the phone from his hands)
    5. Mother: what are you looking at with this stupid thing?
    6. Child: Nothing Mother! Leave me alone.
    7. Mother: No! I am your mother, you will listen to me. Why are you staying here all day on your butt and not doing anything!
    8. Child: Well, what do you want me to do?
    9. Mother: Look around you, it's dirty in this room! If you don't clean up this house, I will hit you immeditaly! Do you hear me?
    10. Child: Yes mother, I understood
    11. Mother: Good, that's how it should be
    12. Child: (Whispers) jerk
    13. Mama: What did you say?
    14. Child: Nothing
    15. (Mother looks at the child with evil eyes)

    If there are any native Romanian speakers please check my dialouge and make sure it's correct


    My mom uses "Donde" as a "Where are my keys/phone/purse/etc.?" when talking to me and my siblings. I guess that is Spanish?


    Who are you talking to might I ask?

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