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The conjuation of the verb "être"

Bonjour! Comment sont aller de vous? So, I was at a after school club and I was getting help with French with highschoolers. They said you must know "être" conjuations because they do a lot. And next year in highschool their will start learning about teases. So can I get help on the "être" verb conjuation?

December 15, 2017



?? learning about teases? le verbe être au présent de l'indicatif est un bon début

je suis,

tu es,

il est ou elle est,

nous sommes,

vous êtes,

ils sont ou elles sont


comment allez-vous*** (what you wrote doesn't make any sense unfortunately) Lynn's comment is good for the conjugation. I suggest you check out wordreference.com as they have a conjugator function :)

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