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copy/paste eliminated?

Since Duolingo's search function for Discussions is pretty abysmal, please excuse if this has "already been answered".

But has the copy/paste function over the correct translation in an incorrect answer been eliminated?

It was something Ive been using for over a year to copy the correct translation to my notes on a separate doc so I could study. Having it taken away with no notice (and again, if there WAS notice, it sure never reached me in any meaningful or professional way) decidedly hinders my learning process.

Once again, if this has been answered, spare me the attitude and either link in the comments or let the esteemed mods come for my soul.

thank you kindly.

December 15, 2017



testmoogle made a userscript for it. I'll put the link to the comment in this post when I find it.

EDIT: Here it is. testmoogle's comment is the very first one.


Yes , you are right and no I have not seen any discussion on it.

First ( a few months ago ) they made it difficult to paste the question by putting line breaks in the sentence. ( I like to have the question and proper answer together) like this:





I am red

This was too much work to remove the line breaks. I had to copy the French answer , then write the English " question" .

Now they have disabled copying of the answer( a few days ago or so). I , too have a whole text document for study and for searching. So now I open up the discussion on that exercise and copy both the untranslated line and the translated line. ( question and answer) from the discussion.

It's takes 5 seconds more , but still works for me.

Hope that helps

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