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The actual word count and how many kanji are there in this beta course?

I found out googling that the word count is 998 but I also read all those word counts on Duo consist of many different forms of same words so.. I’m wondering what would be the ACTUAL / unique word count for the Japanese course? Thanks!

December 15, 2017



Here's an amazing kanji count done by testmoogle: (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24381687$comment_id=24519374)

And here are word checklists (words given by Duo directly) I made: (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25517845)

As for the words and kanji accepted in answers, there is no accurate count yet because the course is in beta and new answer suggestions are still being accepted and added ;)

Side note: @testmoogle, I think I figured out how to make newly added sentences appear, they seem to pop up after doing 2 or 3 "strenght" exercises on a particular section (not on the whole course though, because I'm in kind of a loop getting the same sentences mixed with kana recognition).

Hope this helps!


Yes, it was very helpful! Thank you!


I think the way Duolingo counts words is fairly odd. In Italian for example it counts “alcuna,” “alcune,” “alcuno,” and “alcuni,” as four separate words. Well, no. Only in robotic land. Any dictionary considers this one word, which you inflect according to the number and gender of the noun.

I can only imagine non-romanized scripts are way worse than this.


Hey!Actually I'm Italian and "alcuna","alcune","alcuno" and "alcuni" are 4 different words,they differ by the gender,and probably in dictionaries you don't find the differentiation for this reason. In fact they all mean "some",so it will categorize these words as so in the dictionary,but they still mean different things to us,so they are different words. I hope my explanation was clear:)


Btw I know we're talking about Japanese but I saw this post and felt like explaining ahah

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