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Irish Sign Language (ISL) now third official language of Ireland

"Irish Sign Language (ISL) has been recognised as the third official language of Ireland (after Irish and English)" *1 Irishexaminer

I mention this - as we are a language learning community, and I am very excited to hear this news, and I thought that others may be as well.

Especially as in this season for many of our cultures, this is a time where we reflect on past and present. Both for ourselves and our communities. And are encouraged by social norms to also give greater attention to think of others. To consider doing things that are of value to others in our community.

Our language, the things we say, how we say them, and who can participate in the conversation is also part of this.

In the past, when I have posted other discussions somewhat similar to presenting these ideas, I have had several people come in and slam the discussion, saying this is political, and thus does not have a place on Duolingo. With the definition of political relating not just to "relating to the government or public affairs of a country." Oxford .

I have quoted to me the definition of politics as:
"The principles relating to or inherent in a sphere or activity, especially when concerned with power and status. " Oxford

I look forward to your comments on any of the issues I am raising in this post.

*1 as per news flash shared in another forum from f.formica

December 15, 2017



Wow. That's amazing. Languages are advancing @ great speed!


Cool! :D Nice post. I may try to learn Irish after Spanish and German.


In my limited review of different sign languages, and there are quite a few different ones, their grammar is quite different to the grammar that the rest of the community speaks.

However , I do commend you for wishing to learn Irish, and if this is the reason for the motivation, then it is a good one.


You are correct, Irish Sign Language (ISL) is a completely different language than Irish Gaelic. Also, cool fact: ISL like American Sign Language, it is more closely related to French Sign Language than it is to British Sign Language. ^_^

Edit: I forgot to add that both ISL and BSL are used in Ireland. However, BSL is not currently considered one of Irelands official languages.


If anyone is interested to read the points made in the other discussion I am referring to, check out :



That's amazing omg!!

and don't you dare give me lingots missy



You spoil ALL my fun ;P


I have 7622 okay I don't need anymore xD


wow, that is a lot. As at this moment I have a handy purse of 178. :D

I LOVE giving them to people, and hoping it makes them smile. And for good comments and language related posts.
I am glad we have lingots we can share and give to others.


You've been bombed, sorry :D


shoot ! how do you do that ! Perhaps I should not know.

Ah well - I have more spending money now.

[deactivated user]

    Hello Lindakanga : ) A special treat to say thank-you for all you do: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25510178


    ummm and ahhh, well gosh.
    ahhh geez ...
    this site is about you lot. The language learners of the world.
    This is ever soooooo much NOT about ... well especially me.

    Most especially me.

    You are the ones that is why I put in the efforts that I can.
    Why I have really long and often tough discussions.
    And I am just a really small part of the even longer and tougher discussions that so many people are having, and are part of why this site exists. And is successful. I know you do not see these discussion, and the countless hours of time that is put in.

    You do though see the results.

    I know ... things are not perfect. And they will never be perfect.
    What is perfect - is that we - in public and behind the scenes. Both those who are learning. Both in public in areas such as the forum and also behind your own scenes - in your own serendipitous learning.

    By how you choose to interact with others. And how you choose to challenge yourselves, ourselves, and assist in challenging others. How it is the striving that is perfect.

    Learning is not a destination. It is a doing.
    Just as perfection is journey and not a destination.

    Thank you for your accolades. However they do not belong to me.

    It is to YOU - the ONE reading this. The accolades belong to you.


    rrkeagle , I also want to thank you, and the also all those in the tigress community, for the great things you do to create a positive language learning environment.


    Apart from that Mum, it is so good to see you back active at the moment in our forums.

    I do miss our connections, and the random "water cooler" type discussions we have had at times in the past.

    And I continue to value that you adopted me. I could not imagine a better Mum to have.

    I learn a lot from you.
    With the way you communicate. The way you are inclusive. The way especially that you are fun. And the way you draw community around you.

    You are inspiration for many. Do not ever doubt that. Never ever doubt your value , the value you are to the world. And what a treasure you are.


    What a heartwarming event. Kudos to Ireland and thanks to Linda and f.formica for letting us know.


    Well it makes sense, I mean deaf people should be recognized. Makes me happy :)


    Hi lindakanga,

    These are great news !!! Thanks for that post.

    Best regards Angel

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