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What to do when your french club is inactive??

I have created 3 french clubs and quit them all because no one was active even though I told them many times. I created I new one yesterday and it is full but almost nobody has any XP and I have been waiting for people to be active. I don't know what to do but I think that an inactive club is boring so what should I do?

December 15, 2017



In the club description, add “0 exp and 0 streak on Sunday = boot”, and then follow through. It’s done wonders in my Hebrew club.


Hi CaK9x. I really do feel for your plight as an admin for clubs. Clubs as you have found out, are mostly silent. I think the problem is that most people are reluctant to chat in them and the curiosity factor just dies after a while.

Even the recent change that duolingo have included in the clubs by posting 'conversation starters' such as questions and images are not used in the clubs that I am in.

Being an admin must be hard, but you need to strike a balance between being active yourself as an admin and also weeding out the non active members. I have been in clubs where the admin does not even do anything, and that's one of the worst things to happen in a club, as it's a sure sign the club is dead.

However I have stumbled across one club that is active, fast paced and it is fun but also crazy trying to stay in the club. It has helped me push my motivation to learn and also complete the tree.

By active I mean the admin is super active everyday and by default creates an exclusivity for club members who are forced to be active too, if they want to stay in the club. It amplifies the gamification that is attractive for some language learners. It works for some but not all.

This club is like The Hunger Games.

Before the end of each night, the gong sounds, and you see the list of names that have fallen littering the activity list: the ones that have tried to join that day, the ones no longer or were even at the bottom of the list.

The admin quickly weeds out the ones that don't meet the minimum rules.

You see, the admin sets a daily minimum XP and weekly minimum XP target, and to join the club you need to have a minimum number of streaks. These numbers change regularly. Also the daily and weekly don't necessarily match up. For example, the minimun daily XP for the week could be 30 XP. However, the minimum weekly could 500 XP. So you can earn 30 XP daily but you need to catch up on the weekend to meet the minimum weekly if you want to stay in the club.

If you try to join the club and you don't even meet the required minimum streak you get booted before you even get to say 'Hello!' Also if you still have 0 XP by the end of the day, you're out. If your only activity is that you chatted and socialised in the club with no XPs earned nor lessons completed, you are out.

This admin also sometimes sets an 'exclusive' weekly XP target with reward that is separate from the minimum weekly XP required to stay in the club. So those who are wanting to level up or trying to finish a few skills can use that as a motivator.

Also as a motivator, the admin sometimes writes messages that highlight the achievement of a certain member who may have reached their target or have been the winner of the week etc.

You never know who is going to be in the club each day, which is both a positive and also a negative. But for those of us who are still hanging in there it can be fun and motivating.


On Sunday I delete anyone from my club that has 0XP and a 0 day streak.

It's still not very active, though, other than people silently racking up XP. I need to do something to stimulate conversation.


Hi Lrtward,

do you still remove members with 0XP/0day if they have been active 1, 2 or more weeks before?

The joke is: If your club is PUBLIC, and you remove those 0XP/0day members, there is absolutely no guarantee that NEW members will even reach the goals the first days / 1st week!!

Too many newbies (with set prename, but not nickname/fullname, no picture/portrait) join a club and stay inactive and below 70XP/week goals.

Booting old members (too soon), does usually NOT fix the general "club" problem, as you can not setup any "join filters"! :-)


I got super lucky! I was in a super active group that kind of tapered off. But I joined a new one it full of really hardcore peeps. it's early days but they've motivate me to do a bit extra. That being said there are some peeps who havent engaged after joining.


My French club is kind of inactive, but there is one person who is on every day and I'd feel bad leaving them alone hence why I'm still there. But I feel like all the clubs I'm in are inactive :/ Some will say you have to do a certain amount every day but then they taper out anyway.


You can write him/her a message by tagging him/her with "@".

You both can join a new club where you can select new 13 members.


Make a super-competitive club, e.g a club where anyone with less than a 50 day streak gets kicked out and a minimum of 200XP each week.


Start with the 0day streakers.
Set two deadlines each week, SU and WE.

Set them a strict "hot chair" MO-WE 3 days "rescue goal" (3 days streak, e.g 140XP if still 0day streak) which they need to complete until Wednesday 23:59:59pm the next week (if 0XP before).

If you wait 2 weeks for 0XP/0day streakers:
You can IMHO wait (too) long for those members to get ACTIVE again.

Once most members are off from DuoLingo, they stay OFF (there are exceptions, e.g illness).

So I started to do some cut-off's for my clubs even BEFORE Sunday to let new competitors join the club.

What also drives me mad:
I know a guy who easily passed >500XP (2 times) for his other courses (web portal dashboard), but has 0XP for 2 weeks for our own club course :(

I believe most people just join a club out of pure curiosity.

And when they see that there are almost no chatting (in the target language) in the club between members, some get INACTIVE.

I have three more 0XP members this week, who were active (and new) the last 1-2 weeks, but not this week.

I will see how I can motivate them ;)

Being a "club admin" most of the time is really hard work!


Attirer l'attention des gens donne aux gens la raison pour laquelle ils doivent rejoindre votre club


mais comment je fais ça?

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