"Žlutých kabátů máme mnoho."

Translation:We have many yellow coats.

December 15, 2017

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The positioning of the adverb mnoho here seems strange to me. Can anyone provide an explanation about why this is normal or desirable in Czech that would make sense to an English speaker?


Generally speaking, you put the word you want to stress at the end of the sentence.

Žlutých kabátů máme mnoho. = 'We have A LOT of yellow coats.'

Máme mnoho žlutých kabátů. = 'We have a lot of YELLOW COATS.'


What is the difference between "mnoho" and "hodně"?


Mnoho is more formal, less common in colloquial speech.


Why is the genitive Zlutych used here instead of Zluty? Because the color "Belongs" to the coat?


Not exactly, but it's an interesting interpretation! :-) The real answer is that mnoho is an adverb of quantity that needs to be followed by the genitive case: "žlutých kabátů." (Notice that both the color and the coats themselves are in the genitive.)


Přála bych si, abyste zahrnuli větu "Nikdy zelenou košili na sebe nesmíš vzít ..." Bylo by to tady perfektní. :)


Is that some pop-culture reference? I yes, I do not get.

A natural word order would be "Nikdy na sebe nesmíš vzít červenou košili." or "Zelenou košili na sebe nikdy nesmíš vzít."


No, myslím, že trampský muziky znám celkem dost, ale tohle ne.

Každopádně je to slovosled do poezie, ne do normální věty. Bohužel.


Miluju českou trampingovou muziku!


Thanks thats a lovely additional way of learning, I really enjoyed the interlude


The diction and enuntiation of the woman in the recordings are terrible. I've had several native Czechs listen to it and they all agree it's hard to understand what she is saying. Please fix.

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