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I finished the Japanese Tree!

My third tree finished! For this one I was able to test out of most of the lessons as prior to this I completed the English from Japanese course on Duolingo(I couldn't wait for this course!). Admittedly, I feel that this course doesn't teach as much as I learned on English from Japanese, as this one ignores a lot of things, but it helped me practice a bit. Either way, it was nice to know that I've made a lot of progress in learning Japanese from mostly online sources.

Thank you Duolingo and the developers of the course!

December 15, 2017



Congratulations! The Japanese tree may be short, but the last section is quite challenging (at least I think so, even as I'm reviewing it, trying to get it all golden again).

BTW, just how much Japanese do you have to know to be able to do the Japanese to English tree? Does it have a lot of kanji? And how do you get it set up?



I'm interested in this as well and how the OP approached it. I just tried the first lesson and it seemed more difficult than it would be worth.


I used the Japanese to English tree as a supplement to me studying Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese. For kanji that I didn't know I used either jisho.org or google translate to learn pronunciation. Outside of that, my only prior knowledge was hiragana and katakana. The amount of kanji used in the Japanese to English tree is a lot more compared to English to Japanese tree, which made moving through this one so much easier. There is also some grammar that if I remember correctly was used as a way to teach English better that could make one think something works in Japanese differently than it actually does.(I think an example was one could be led to believe でしょう/だろう means future tense when it doesn't). If you want to try it go to the add course page, switch the "I speak" to Japanese and add the English course. Warning that to switch back you have to go through Japanese menus.


Thanks for the tip!


is it possible to finish it just with level 9 (1800xp) ?. is it that short?


Yes: If you already have some knowledge, using the shortcuts (test out)

And yes: the course IS that short :-)




DUO卒業おめでとうございます。 お疲れさまでした!これからも頑張って行きましょうね!

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