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"The staircase is made out of wood and is brown."

Translation:Die Treppe ist aus Holz und braun.

December 15, 2017



I would say ''Die Treppe ist aus Holz und ist braun'' I even asked my teacher.


What's wong with 'die Treppen'? i.e., the stairs...


die Treppen means "the staircases" or "the flights of stairs" -- eine Treppe is the entire collection of stairs or steps, rather than just one stair / step.


What would you call one stair then?


Why is das Treppenhaus marked incorrect?


I suppose that could be counted correct if all you have is the English sentence. I suppose that whoever added the sentence was thinking of the original German sentence.

Note that Treppenhaus and Treppe mean rather different things.

Treppe (staircase, flight of stairs) is a collection of steps that you can use to go up or down.

Treppenhaus (stairwell) is a shaft or "vertical corridor" containing a staircase.

I suppose "staircase" can also be used, by extension, for a stairwell, but the main meaning of Treppenhaus is the space, which happens to contain stairs, rather than the stairs themselves. For example, you might say, Im Treppenhaus brennt noch Licht "The light is still on in the stairwell", referring to the "room" rather than to the steps.

Try doing an image search for "stairwell" and another one for "staircase". Most if not all of the "staircase" images show free-standing staircases, i.e. Treppen, while the images for "stairwell" show Treppenhäuser.

[deactivated user]

    What is wrong with: Die Treppe ist braun und aus Holz


    Translated in the wrong order.


    how can the staircase be made out of brown? Surely it should be Die Treppe ist aus braun Holz

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