My Conlang

Sorgür tulî, Haç at yj curlljêgle voilz valeir atée. Haç ehmlljêgle byvocgah at haç a yj strandz hèr français, galego, breg anglais. Mimée guipalo cohr qßütid recitative uny cohregar illa!

Traduction: Hello everyone, This is my conlang. It has roots in a lot of french, galician, and english. I want to write commentary about it here when more comes along.

December 15, 2017


Fascinating! Do you by any chance know IPA? I'd be interested in a transcription of your passage in IPA, if possible.

Omigosh Theo2019! I love your profile picture. Are you a "Lord of the Rings" fan? I am!

Wrong person, I'm assuming.

Interesting! I love seeing people's conlangs. :) The first few words made me think of Turkish, haha.

Do you have a gloss? What about a pronunciation guide, preferably in IPA?

"ehmlljêgle" :O Seems like a bit of a tongue-twister!

Haha, I could definitely the aesthetic similarity to turkish. I plan on make a full post about t he phonetics very soon, as they certainly stand out. As for "ehmlljêgle" that is the conjugation for the pronoun haç (anglais: it) and is said "emi-jegleu". The two ll's and the j specify that the j is not germanic and a soft latin one. Thanks for the interest and it's awesome to see how high you are in welsh! Wow. :)

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