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Apple Keyboard Issue with German

I am not sure exactly what to search for to see if this has been discussed before, but I have noticed an issue when typing with a Apple keyboard set to english in certain question types.

When I am given a word in English, like "The Breakfast", and Duo asks for the German with three Der,Die,Das radio buttons above, if I type Das, it will automatically select Das, but then when I get to the ü and hold u to choose the umlaut on the Apple keyboard, it will switch Das to Die. If I am paying attention, I can switch it back to Das, but if I am only using the keyboard, the resultant answer I submit is "Die Frühstuck" instead of "Das Frühstuck". Any idea why the Das is changing when I hold a key to get an umlaut?

December 15, 2017


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Is this with the website or the app?

If you really want help you need to give more pertinent information. There are many Duo users who could help you.


Hi Matthew , sorry, no idea but: i have similiar problems typing with my "Apple Keyboard German" my German lessons in english language- it was- and is still- a problem . Just now, when I type this post to you, i have to control and correct nearly each word in the "wrong language" called in German " Worterkennung" ! Maybe your english keyboard has the same settings ? I was trying , trying. and trying myself... I fear, you too?! Sorry, that i cannot help you very much... I think, Susan has better ideas, i agree- wait - and there are many other users in this channel who can help you! (And you can ask your question in the help-channel ) i wish you the best - recognizing, you've already reached level 18 congrats !

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