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I have successfully completed the French course in Duolingo. I can read French and have a basic understanding of what is being said, but the speed of conversation I find very difficult. I have been listening and watching French videos, specifically 2017 election debates etc. What should I do now to get a better vocabulary, to understand French more quickly, and to just have a better understanding in all contexts?

Also, are there any tools I can use to achieve this?

December 15, 2017


Childrens' books & shows, memorising and singing song lyrics. In both categories you can probably find something you like or find funny.

discuter avec des amis

I like you can read to different levels and to practice the words that you do not know with flashcards, of course if you have the opportunity to buy some audio-books it is always a good idea

if you have an area of your life you're interesting in, you can search for videos of that sort on youtube and watch them in french, for example, if you look comedy you can check out youtubers like cyprien, natoo, norman fait des videos etc. I've improved my ability to understand others utilizing this method. Also, if you can make some friends from francophone countries they would help immensely to improve your level. Bon courage

GoSpeaky/WeSpeke can give you the option of practicing with native speakers (though be warned there are a lot of people on there that are not necessarily there to practice speaking.)

Watching movies, reading children's books, etc. are also helpful.

Other than that, just keep reviewing. The more you utilize the language and review the words, the faster it will come. My grammar isn't perfect but I have very fluid conversations in Spanish now and increasingly so in Italian!

...go to France. Maybe. I've been there, even though I kinda stopped learning French for now...

Just hammering it down I guess... Continue watching TV and movies (showbiz keep standards of pronunciation). Try Disney movies you know by heart in the target language. Most (if not all) podcasts apps can manage the speed of playing- so if you download a radio podcast you can slow it down (I use podbean on an Android phone, I assume modern iTunes still have this function).

The official Memrise courses for vocabulary.

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