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Upcoming Arabic Course

I just wanted to say, I'm so excited about starting the Arabic course! Thank you so much to the contributors for their hard work. In preparation I have started to learn the alphabet. This is a great site to learn it:


December 15, 2017



Araby is a good app to learn the writing system as well.


So am I! Hopefully, I'll be done with Esperanto by then so I have an open spot to learn it in. I've committed myself to no more than two languages at a given time. It's just too stressful to do more than two. Currently I'm on Spanish and Esperanto.


I really hope they don't finish the course prematurely and give us something half-done like the Chinese course just to say they have Arabic too the faster they can.


How is the Chinese course half-done? It has more skills than the French tree, extensive tips notes, and only a couple bugs that are there in other courses. They could definitely teach the characters better, but that doesn't make the course premature. There are definitely some sentences in there that should be reported, but that's with every course in duolingo. There's only a few more because the course is in beta.


No, the Chinese course has many issues. Words not translated properly, grammatic errors or (unamusing) logical errors in Chinese and English, inability to accept a variation of answers and the end of the last stretch of the skill tree is quite basic.

I'm having a hard time testing out of the later lessons, because the longer sentences are so strangely translated that I mess up translating into English, which is my native language.


I have found none of those problems and I've seen no one else with them.


The Chinese course is actually quite well-done. I think you meant the Japanese course.


As someone who speaks Chinese everyday, I can tell you it leaves much to be desired. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I was hoping to be able to improve my Chinese...


I would like that they take their time to fully finish the course too. But if they fully finish the course or if they half finish the course. I will study it anyway as soon as it comes in beta.


I'm glad to hear you're excited about learning Arabic! There are many resources available, contact me if you need any help getting started!

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