Error 404

When I click "View Discussion" it turns me to this page:

Error 404

Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn’t exist. Try going to, read our Blog, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 9, 2014

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Could everyone here please give a particular comment link that they are trying to view? For example, the one for this post is

If you click a link it might redirect you to the 404 URL, so instead, right click the link and select 'copy link address'.


Here are the two that gave me the 404 Error, both in Duolingo Discussion in English:

Edit: Just found another discussion that gives the 404 Error:

The first and third ones I deleted. With the first one, the user accidentally posted some inappropriate information. The second one the original poster deleted. The third one did not make any sense, so I deleted it as spam.

Ok, so the problem is they are still appearing in the discussion stream? Or has this always been the case with deleted discussions?

@ant.polverino, I believe it is a glitch that they are still showing up in the discussion.
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Thanks everyone, this is helpful! We should be able to get a fix out for this today.

@bren, I'm a moderator and the delete button is acting up all over the place for me. When I delete a discussion, the discussion is often still visible but the delete buttons have disappeared. Here is an instance in which that happened:

Also, this link: I deleted it and it disappeared from the main discussion area view on my laptop. But when I signed into my iPad I could still see it in the discussion forum.

Additionally, even when I delete a discussion, I can still access all of them from a link posted anywhere besides the discussion forum, such as a link in an activity stream.

My laptop is Windows7/Firefox and my iPad is Safari 7.1/Safari

Thank you so much for looking into this bren! :)
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We're working on making it much more clear that the message is deleted. Basically, since you're a moderator you will still be able to see the posts while other users will get 404 errors on those. Moreover, if a user deletes their own post, they can still see it. Would it help you if we more clearly marked the post title with a [DELETED] to make it clearer that you're looking at a deleted comment?

@bren, thanks for the reply. Yes it would be very helpful to have some indicator that deletion has taken place and been successful. :)
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The fix for this is live. Please let me know if you find any more comments listed in the discussion section that lead to a 404 page!

Hi cupcakesadelaide,

If you feel that this is a glitch, please edit your post and move it to Troubleshooting. (You might need to subscribe to Troubleshooting first.) Please be sure to include the link to the discussion if you have it. Also, please include your operating system and browser (for example, mine is Windows7/Firefox.)

Whenever I have seen the 404 error, it is because a user was deactivated or because their post was removed from the main discussion forums or from the website completely.

Thank you! ^_^

how do i subscribe to troubleshooting and my browsser is chrome. the discussion was Free LIngots!

I wonder whether Remy's post in English about Sitesurf in the English for French speakers was deleted. Because every time I get the injured Duo's pic.

I can see his discussion. I think it's random. I have gotten a couple of Error 404 for different discussion topics.

Edit: I thought the Error 404 went away on one of the discussions I tried to view but I was mistaken. Maybe they have been deleted but still appear on the discussion stream?

Maybe, but I'm still not able to see it.

The discussion was deleted, probably. Try to see another dicussion and see if it has other similar problem.

Do you receive notifications of the discussions?

It was deleted. I can't know what is happening with your Duolingo. I have never passed through that.Trying to report it or saying to someone that was in the same conversation. I'm brazilian, sorry for my mistakes.

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Same thing happens with me each time I click "view discussion" button. And even if I right-click the link and paste it, i get the error 404 page.

here is a link :$from_email=comment&comment_id=26514166

I figured this out 4 days ago. Nothing new.

Maybe, you could ask heericftw if he did delete it. I've already told him about this.

I know!!! It's really annoying me too!!! Becuase when I wanted to change my username it kept leading me to a page that said error 400 sorry the page you were looking for doesn't exist!!!!!!! This needs to be sorted out! )':

I know! you just can not enter into ''View Discussions''










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i kinda liked the new beta version

That was the old user interface ;) The issue has been resolved.

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