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"V takovémhle klobouku nevypadáš špatně."

Translation:You don't look bad in a hat like this.

December 15, 2017



do you really say "in" in English for a hat, not "with"?


Yes. All the following are OK:
1. You look good in a hat.
2. You look good without a hat.
3. You look good with a hat on your head.


Either sounds right, but I understand your point. "In a hat" does seem strange, but we do say that, more often than you'd hear "with a hat".


Native speaker, both sound fine. But if you add a descriptive phrase, "in" sounds better. E.g. "You look good in a blue hat" sounds better than "you look good with a blue hat", but "you look good in/with a hat" both sound fine.


As a UK native speaker, I think you'd be highly unlikely to use "with a hat" here. In a hat would be far more usual. Compare other items of clothing... "you look good with those trousers"? "you look good with that coat"? For UK English those would both definitely be "in" not with - otherwise it sounds as though you are standing next to the trousers or the coat and looking good with them - and pretty much the same goes for the hats. I agree with ion1122's third example above... if you're using with then you'd do much better including the preposition: "you look good with a hat on".

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