"She was born with three legs."

Translation:Narodila se se třema nohama.

December 15, 2017

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you do not allow "narodila se se třema nohama" (you want s) yet you insist on "narodil se se třema rukama" in the same lesson. Which is it s or se???


We allow both S and SE in both of those sentences. the "SE SE" is the main translation here, as you can see above.

I would personally use either even for this sentence. If there were seven hand and seven legs though, it would be SE The entire purpose of S-SE is fluency of pronunciation. S SEDMI just makes you hiss too much so SE SEDMI it is.

Two limbs could be S or SE but ten limbs would always be only S because it is followed by DESET and saying SE DESETI just does not work.

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